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Can anyone identify this part??

Sep 16, 2018
San Juan 21 Miles Pond, VT
I was given this part many years ago by a sailing friend.
I assume it is a furler for a head sail but I can't find one like it anywhere on the internet.
It is solid brass about 5 3/4" in diameter and the body is about 2 1/4" thick plus the clevis posts. The clevis pins are 1/2" dia. and the clevis opening is just under 1". The pin to pin length is about 4 1/2". I cannot find any markings on the part but would like to know what boat it might have come off of.
Thank you for your help.


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Jun 4, 2009
Pearson 530 Admiralty Bay, Bequia SVG
I agree. It looks like an antique bottom end of a roller furler. Odd that it would have wire on it, but maybe there just wasn't room for line back then.
Give it to a sailing museum.
Sep 16, 2018
San Juan 21 Miles Pond, VT
Definitely Noah's stay'sl furler. Cool piece.
Thanks for all the input guys. I cleaned it up a bit and found a couple of hairline cracks on both sides of one of the lug attachments. I guess that is why it isn't on someone's boat.