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Camp/Cruising with a P15 or P185, yes??

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Oct 5, 2009
Montgomery 17 M17 Mentone, Alabama
Greetings, we are researching various small trailerable daysailers to determine which might be suitable for primarily daysailing, but occassinally taking a few days to camp/cruise. There are several boats we have researched, such as the Wayfarer 16 and the CL16. These are minimal cruising capable boats with room for basic camping type gear and room for two adults to sleep aboard. The P15 is close in size, but lacks the storage space. However, water tight access hatches could be installed under the seats. The P185 seems to offer more room and possibilities, but this boat seems to be more performance oriented. We are not so interested in speed, as we are in stability and simplicity; we're retired. We will appreciate any comments and/or suggestions you might want to share; and don't worry about being candid. We aren't "thin skinned". We're looking for experienced owners' opinions and advice. Regards, John and Joy. You can email us directly mayrel@centurylink.net if you like.


Sep 17, 2009
Precision 23 Moraine
Have you looked into the Precision 21 or 23? You'll have the room you want and all the performance you'll need. I own a Precision 23 and couldn't want for more! I've spent weekends on her and have done a great deal of daysailing. She easy to sail, safe and stable. I'm planning to retire in two years and she's the boat I chose to enjoy spending time with (along with my wife :)). She trailers very well. I tow her with my 6 cyl. 4Runner (Although, we keep her currently moored at the marina). You'll be very happy with a P-23.

Not open for further replies.