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Cal 35 C. anyone have experience with a cutter rig?

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I know from the plan designs and brocheres I discovered that the Cal35 Cruiser from 1974 had a cutter rig design option. I'd love to know how she might sail under such rigging. My boat has the standard sloop rigging. I'm removing the mast for service this winter and considering adding a removable cutter stay to the foredeck.

If you have thoughts please reply. Thanks.
Mar 20, 2012
Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25 Salem, Oregon
it sails the same...
here are a few advantages and disadvantages, depending on your point of view, pocketbook and agility.
with a headstay and a forestay, you need to have a larger sail inventory.
the two different placements of the stays will allow a a dedicated storm sail to be set more effectivly...
the head sails are smaller and easier to handle on a wild deck
good sail storage and markings, is more necessary with the greater inventory.
more sail plan combinations available
its easier, but still takes longer to set up/take down two sails than it does one...
a cutter rig has more advantage when crossing oceans, than it does as a weekender or coastal crusier.

make sure it is the original factory rigging plan before spending lots of money on it.
My Cal34 also has a forestay and a headstay, such as a cutter would, but the rigging plan is NOT a cutter rig plan.
some boats, such as mine was re-rigged for ocean passages, and so another stay was added to fly a storm sail better, but this does not make it a cutter.
I removed my forestey wire, so I do not have the inner forestay rigged on the boat... just the headstay.
someday when and if I decide to cross an ocean, I will reattach the cable so it could be used if needed, but until then, im going to keep things simple and out of the way, and try not to be a "poser":biggrin:
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Mar 20, 2012
Cal 34-III, MacGregor 25 Salem, Oregon
jssailem, if you post in "ask all sailors", you may find more information because a cutter is not really a Cal thing, but is rigged on many different brands of boats.
the only thing that would be specific to cal, is if that model was in fact rigged as a cutter.
and boats that were special ordered could have had either rigging plan, depending on the customers wishes.

search the internet for advantages of a cutter rig... and also, see this link for Cal information
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Thanks Centerline. I posted in "Ask All Sailors". It has been a while since we last shared ideas. I'm still working on the boat. Have a better relationship with my Perkins. Still little things, but on the whole all is good. Now addressing the 1974 equipment that needs replacement. i.e. water heater, install of diesel heat (new wallas heater, came with boat never installed) and such so that I can begin to explore the waters beyond the Everett Marina. Mast is being removed for rigging update this December.

Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Hey Centerline.
Its has been awhile. Mast is down and on the hard for the past 60 days. New rigging is ready, new led Anchor and steaming lights, halyards now run inside mast, mast head sheaves were removed - cleaned - regrooved for rope halyards, a pair of self tailing 17 barient winches were found now replace the 10's that were on the mast. Awaiting the spreaders before I can reset the mast. My rigger viewed the project as a retro fit rather than an all new project. So while we are improving function we are trying to maintain the original style.

I did prepare to have an additional headstay available on the mast. My mast came with an attachment point some 6-8 feet below the top plate. So installed a halyard there and lowered the Radar Dome attachment some 3 feet to clear the space for a Staysail. The rigging will be there should I choose to modify the sail plan. Likely not this year with the current budget.

Looking towards electrical plan cleanup. The boat is a spaghetti style jumble of wires. I'm progressing through the tracking of what is there. Discovering too many wires to nowhere. May lighten the boat significantly as I remove these. Likely going to replace the weight with new batteries. Leaning towards Trojan 105's. Any suggestions - ideas? Want to change over the all LED lights to improve the consumption issue.
Would you like to meet for Coffee maybe Friday this week?
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