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Cal 29 - loose rudder post

May 22, 2020
Cal 29 Chicago
Hello, new 1969 Cal 29 owner here! Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have been noticing some vertical and horizontal play in my rudder post. I went in the water to inspect and noticed a metallic sleeve encompassing the rudder post that has appeared to have dropped out of the hull and is now resting on the rudder.
Could this be the source of my problem? Are there bearings inside the rudder tube that might have gone missing?
I believe this also may be the source of a small leak.
Thank you for any help you can lend!
Sep 16, 2020
cal cal29 boston
I have a similar situation. I’m thinking of using the epoxy graphite injection approach. It sounds like it should work
Sep 16, 2020
cal cal29 boston
Google "West System Repairs" or their product manual. There's a section on rudder repairs (page 61...I think) detailing the procedure. Basically, you drill a couple of holes in the fiberglass rudder tube after dropping the rudder. Put plenty of mold release on the rudder shaft. Put the shaft back into the tube, line it up and make sure it is secure. Using syringes inject the resin/graphite mixture into the drilled holes. Let cure. Move rudder to break the "seal".

I have seen this done and it works like a charm. Naysayers will say the only acceptable bushing is delrin or some other material. The one I saw is still working fine and that's been ten years or so.

Hope this helps.