Cabin/Salon Light Replacements

Jun 29, 2009
Hunter 45 DS Barrington, RI
Need your help/suggestions. I have a 09H45DS. One of my main cabin lights has died. The originals are 6 inches in diameter and are recessed/flush mounted into the cabin top/ceiling. I found replacements on the web site at $70 each. Ouch! I did find some LED, round, 6-inch lights that fit very nicely on Amazon. I got 5 for $45. They fit perfectly! BUT, they are super bright. Way too bright, cannot look at the cabin top with out sunglasses. The Amazon ones are 720 lumens and the ones on the Hunter site are 350 lumens. I could get a dimmer for the Amazon ones, but it’s a bit of complicated wiring, doable, just not easy. Before I go down that road, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone here has any suggestions or solutions. I imagine the 44DS and the 45CC use the same lights as well as other Hunters of this vintage.
I have a link to the Hunter Parts site and the Amazon lights below.
Thanks for your help!
Hunter 45DS light, recessed, led, 6 inch, replacement fixture
Apr 11, 2010
Hunter 38 Whitehall MI
I know the SBO site may have a higher cost but those folks operate his wonderful site (at no charge) and provide so much help to us that I try to shop with them whenever possible. They’ve helped in finding parts that were not easy to find, have helped when I placed an order and they thought I’d ordered the wrong thing or size and they’ve helped in keeping my boat in like new condition.
For that I’m willing to spend a few extra bucks to help them stay in business. It’s worth it in the long run.
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Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I am suspecting you purchased the Amazon lights as sealed units. You might explore replacement led bulbs for your old fixture. That way you can choose the LED bulb that provides the anount of light you wish. Some LED’s are hospital bright. Others are soft warm, and some are red white combinations. It is a varied market place out there. You already discovered that Hunter did not make your lights. They purchased a light that they thought fit 85% of the interested boat owners. At this juncture you get to decide what you want.