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BVI Charters


Sep 19, 2017
2006 Hunter 38 4410 Lake Lewisville, TX
I'm looking at a 10 day catamaran charter in May 2022 getting quotes from several companies. Conch Charters had the most competitive price among the quotes I've received so far.

Anyone have experience with this company?

Their quote seemed to cover the things in other quotes: charter, insurance, permits, visar, fuel, etc.

Any other gotchas I need to look for which might make the actual price more than the quoted price. I know provisioning and moorings will be add on costs. What other things to looks out for?

Thanks in advance!
Jan 11, 2014
Sabre 362 113 Fair Haven, NY
It has been a long time since I chartered, so can't help much there. By way of background there are several tiers of charter companies. At the top are companies like the Moorings their boats are new and well maintained. After a few seasons they are sold off to individuals or the boats work their way down the tiers. The lower tier boats are older and therefore less expensive to charter. Because they are older, they will show the wear and tear of being a charter boat.

Rum is cheaper than mixers. Everything is more expensive, except the rum. Your experience with the islanders will be very dependent on how you interact with them. Little things like using the person's name or bringing your own pen to the desk make a difference. And Everybody and everything is slower in the tropics, enjoy the change of pace.

Have fun!
Feb 3, 2015
Marlow Hunter 37 Reefpoint Marina Racine, WI
I used them the last time I chartered in the BVI. Their boats are typically a little older but very well maintained. I would use them with no hesitations. The boats may be newer since the hurricane ruined many boats.


Sep 19, 2017
2006 Hunter 38 4410 Lake Lewisville, TX
Thanks for all of the great feedback. I reserved a 2019 Bali 4.1 for a ten day charter with Conch Charters. I'll report back after the trip to let you know how it goes.
Jul 20, 2021
Quickstep 19 Onekama, MI | Portage Lake
My parents booked through Conch Charters a couple years ago and are going again this winter. Same as others have said, boats are a bit older but a great company to deal with.