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buying a new main for my 22

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I need a new main for my 22. My research shows a wide range of prices. For instance, my local branch of Shore Sails will build one for about $1000, however Sails East promises one of equal quality for less than half that price. I'd like to hear from other owners about the best way to get a new main. Does anyone have experience with Sails East that can support the quality claim? Thanks.

Ken Cave

Great prices-great sails

In the past four years, I have purchased a main, 110 jib, a 150 furling genoa, and a sail cover from Sail Warehouse (all new sails) out of California, and that is for only my Catalina 25. Telephone number: 1 800 495 7245 Been very satisfied with all their products, including the packages they have for roller furler installation with their sails! In their last catalog a standard main for the Cat 22runs @ $399 for standard battens and $495 for full battens. They have others like a "powerhead main" and a "performance main" for higher prices. By the way, a new mainsail cover costs $155, so the catalog says!! If they do not answer the phone, leave a message-they will get back to you pronto. No need to dump a lot of money when there are other things to purchase- like a new Autohelm, GPS, etc. Ken Cave Dragon Tail #789 Catalina 25


Buying a Sail

Buying a sail check first with Catalina They will be able to match spec.'s stock the correct size
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