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Buying a Catalina 22

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I am considering buying a 1974 Catalina 22. This boat will need some work and I don't know if I can sell her for what I pay for her and expenses after I spruce her up. I live in Utah, for starters, where there are not many sailboats. I sail the GSL. This Cat 22 will need a bottom paint job, and it does not have a depth meter, knott meter, VHF radio or compass. The bottom does not seem to have any blisters, though. It has one main and one 110% jib. I'm thinking to add all the above items plus a storm jib and a 150% jib. It also leaks a bit in the rain and will need to have some bolts resealed. The trailer is rather rusty and will need a good sanding and paint job, but otherwise looks in pretty good shape. The asking price is $3700. I probably wouldn't pay more than $3200. My main question is, from my description, if I put all these items into the sailboat would I be able to sell it, in a few years, for what I've put into it? I've heard the Catalina 22 is a good sturdy boat so that is a plus for her. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to me at LucyBlue@Softhome.net because I don't come here often. Thank you! Cynthia

Jim Johnstone

Doubt it

I doubt that you are going to get your $ back out. These boats are not an investment, they are a hobby and you will have to spend money to enjoy your hobby. The few things you mentioned can easily run up to $2000. Look around now and see what $5700 will buy. Does it compare to your C22 with a bottom job, a better looking trailer and a newer set of sails? There are plenty of C22's available as there are over 18,000 built. There a always a lot to choose from and the prices are reasonably low. Your best bet is to negotiate a lower price for the boat or buy a boat that has more of what you want to start with. Jim

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

Is it just me or does that seem high?

Cynthia: I'll email you this as well but just in case someone else is interested... That seems like a very high price for that boat in the condition you're describing. With NO equipment, bad bottom job & scrappy trailer, I wouldn't think you should pay more that $2500 or so. Anybody else have thoughts on this? Good Lord, I saw one on the Soundings site for $800! Of course it was back east but still...they're out there, you just have to be patient. Good Luck! LaDonna


too much

i also live in utah and just bought a 71 in excellent condition(no pop top or galley)for $2500. it has a 5.5 honda that starts every time, three sails in good condition , and a good trailer. Be patient and wait for a good deal! check out the bear lake marina, there's several 22's with for sale signs.

Eddie G.

$2500 US? or Canadian

I managed to get one for $2500 Canadian. This boat needed some TLC and a motor, but from your description is much the same condition as yours (rusty trailer and all). If you are paying in US funds, dicker down Babe. The price is too high for a >25 year old boat. Just a thought- if you are going to get this boat anyway, don't try to sand the trailer if it's too rusty. Check around for a shop that will sandblast it for you. You'll have to remove the brakes and any other moving hardware, but the result overall after painting will be worth it. Good luck with your decision, and happy sailing. Eddie
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