Bow Nav Light Bracket

Aug 5, 2021
Catalina 22 Traverse City
The weld on our bow light is broken, and the replacement part is out of stock at CD. Does anyone have a 3D printer STL file for the bracket? Is there a nice repository of STL files for our boat?



Aug 10, 2014
Catalina 22 9874 Newberg, OR / Olympia, WA
Welcome to the forum!!

Catalina sells another option: Navigation Light Bracket - Clamp On ( OR consider this aftermarket option: Signal Mate Pulpit Rail Mount Bracket (
It looks like CD's versions might be out of stock. But if you call them, they might recommend an alternative, as might our hosts here at SBO - I've found staff at both companies to be knowledgable and helpful.

Another alternative - I made my own with some Starboard and U-bolts. The ready-made varieties are prettier, but I wanted to pull the light back a few inches under the pulpit, to reduce the risk of snagging the code 0 / asym on it. There's a picture in my old post.