Bombay Clipper 31, 1979, portholes

Oct 19, 2021
Bombay Clipper Bombay Clipper 31 Merritt Island
We recently purchased this boat, Dulce Suenos, which is a Bombay Clipper 31, 1979. Needs some elbow grease but, we are very excited to have our first sailboat. One issue I am having is sorting out what brand, or where to find Portholes. We have one that is almost broken in two, and they are all older and in need of new rubber gaskets. Any ideas would be great. I have been searching all over the place with no luck so far.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new sailboat!!

If you cannot find one from portlight manufacturers to fit suggest buying a custom made one from ManShip. Similar cost to an off the shelf one. That is what I just did (4 total), exactly same design as yours.
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Nov 6, 2006
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I think those are Gray Marine ports. The parts are available at the store of the Sailboat Owners site.