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Boat Owners that have a MacGregor 25 Sailboat now!


May 5, 2018
Macgregor 25 Home
I built my own rails -- like those drawings earlier, just dadoed out some heavy oak stock.


May 5, 2018
Macgregor 25 Home
I now forget which species of Oak I used, but I've since learned that White oak is better for boats -- it is said to be less porous. I finished mine with 3 coats of epoxy, and then 2 coats of Sea Gold to solve for UV. Dunno about my long time life.
Mar 10, 2019
MacGregor 25 25 Aqualand Marina
Thanks for the info.........
I was in Home Depot yesterday looking at some lumber. It looked mostly like construction grade lumber. They were large but, the lumber was limited. I’m seeking a lumber yard near me to see what do they have.


May 5, 2018
Macgregor 25 Home
Definitely hit a lumber yard. HD etc won't have the size you'll need -- you want something like 1 1/2 X 1 (true dimensions) for each side. I used real 2x4, split, then dadoed.
May 16, 2011
Macgregor V-25 Charlton, MA- Trailer
I used mahogany. 5/4 board. Cut strips and dato'd the grooves. Worken mint.
Nov 30, 2015
MacGregor 26S Lakehills, Tx
1986 MacGregor 25’ Sailboat!
The measurements for the two wooden tracks that the pop top slide thru. Both of mine have deteriorated & broken in half. I want to make two more. Length, width & height. I can finesse the finished product.
Use aluminum, and don't forget an additional wear plate underneath to save your gelcoat.DSC02808 copy.jpg
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Jun 3, 2004
Macgregor 25 So. Cal.
My boat lives almost under a pine tree and the drain used to clog with needles even with a screen over the drain the screen just plugged. I put a push broom over the drain that filters out all needles, leaves and stuff and is easy to clean. The broom is the softer kind, not the one use for the street.
Jul 14, 2016
I keep a simple electricians fish tape to unclog the drain of leaves, sticks and other trash. Cheap and effective.
Nov 12, 2019
Macgregor 25 Georgia
Preferably on Lake Lanier in Georgia. I might want to look at it & take some measurements.
I need to replace a couple of wooden parts on a 1986 Macgregor Sailboat.
I was told I had the last one on the Lake. I wondered about that statement.
I'm searching for a Trailer also..............................
Capt. Black
You are not the last one. I have one at Aqualand.


Jan 10, 2011
Macgregor 25 Lake Lanier
So... I still sail. Had a small problem with my brain(2016). Doctor had to remove a tumor and part of the brain was damaged. I had to learn to talk, walk and remember my life. Dr. Green-Harris performed the operation and did a great job. My family told me that the hospital informed them that I had a 75% chance on never walking or talking again. Dr. Green-Harris did a great job.
All better now!
I am in the process of cleaning, fixing and checking out the changes I made to the boat. I seem to have completed some improvements when my brain was not functioning as far as I know now.
Replacing the impeller on the outboard and cleaning everything.
I seem to have purchased a new jib at some time. I just found it today.
Looks like you have all the measurements that you need. However, I enjoy working on my boat and like to share ideas.
Posted this because I was mentioned in this post.
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May 5, 2018
Macgregor 25 Home
Wow. I, on the other hand can‘t sail, the governor of Maryland has banned recreational boating. But all in all, no big deal. Stay healthy, and count our blessings!
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