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Bleeding air from fuel system Universal 5411


Apr 20, 2016
Catalina 27 Lake Champlain
I have a new to me 82 Catalina 27 with a Universal 5411 and the manual is ancient and diagrams not very clear. It indicates that there is an air bleeding screw on top of the fuel filter. Does this photo look like I have the right screw to bleed the air out while turning the engine over a few times?


Feb 8, 2014
Columbia 36 Muskegon
I never used that screw on my 5411, I used the bleed screw on the injection pump. On the fitting where the fuel line connects to the pump. Crack the screw loose, engage the compression release and crank till fuel w/o bubbles comes out. Then tighten the screw, energize the glow plugs for a few seconds and the engine should start. If it doesn't start, crack the injection lines at the injectors and crank again till no bubbles come out.
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Feb 8, 2014
Columbia 36 Muskegon
Not the one you have marked. In the photo of the injector pump, just to the left of where the fuel hose is attached there is a big nut with a smaller bolt screwed into it. It's the smaller bolt, should be an M6 and take a 10mm wrench. You can see the paint's knocked off the bolt from being loosened and tightened again. When you retighten it, be careful it's hollow and breaks easily. I had to replaced mine with a regular M6 bolt, still works as a bleed screw but you have to unscrew it further (almost all the way) to get it to bleed.