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Aug 2, 2005
Pearson 33-2 & Typhoon 18 Seneca Lake
Hello Precision 18 Owners & Others,

Our P-18 project is going well. I've gotten some helpful, timely advice from Bill at the factory when I have had questions on installation and parts. It's wonderful to get to talk to the "boss".

Pictures are as the title suggests Before, During, and After our rebuild efforts. We are still some time from our first launch. That time was extended when I found a steel pipe doing substitute duty for the starboard spreader! Time to order a new pair of spreaders and boots.

We had done the necessary preparation on the hull sides to put the stripes and name in place. Today, we finally gave her topsides a serious cleaning with Chlorox Clean-Up and Bar Keeper's Friend. What a world of difference!

There is no question here, just the exhuberance on a happy, new owner.

Best Wishes, Phil


Ross S

Oct 20, 2011
Precision 21 Great Sacandaga Lake
Wow, looks great! I've also had the opportunity to talk with Bill and some others from Precision and always found them to be tremendously helpful.

Enjoy the new boat, if she sails as good as she looks then you'll do fine!
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