Batten confusion

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Jun 1, 2004
Hunter 26 Lake Pueblo Colorado
Can anyone tell me what the proper batten width and length for the bottom two battens on a H26 is. We lost the bottom two battens last sunday and searching the archives I have come up with sizes ranging from 5/8” to 1” all the way up to 1 5/8" both tapered and non-tapered! (interesting reading though). The sail is a Doyle and I assume it is the original. I am two hours away from the boat and would like to replace them for this weekend, also any idea for the length I was just going to order the same length as the boom (10ft) and trim them. One more thing I have had the boat for four seasons and never lost a batten, last winter I had the sails cleaned and repaired @ SailCare, when it came back all of the batten ends of the sail had been sewn over. Thanks in advance Chris.


Dec 13, 2003
- - mom

I just ordered a new batten for my H26 from West Marine. It was 5/8 non-tapered. It comes in any length. I couldn't find the correct length and it was cheap enough that I ordered more than I could possibly need and plan to cut it off with a hacksaw when I get to the boat. Hope this helps.
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