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Balboa 20 restore- swing keel issue

May 27, 2016
Arthur Marine Balboa 20 Lake City, MN- Hansens Harbor
Hi, I recently acquired a mid 80's Balboa 20' that had been stored away. I have encountered the swing keel sound but not secured. The dock where I will moor the boat helped me launch and inspect the keel condition and we discovered its without a cable or means to raise and secure. It seems I need a cable and some type of winch according to my boat service rep. We surmised there must have been something mounted on the body below the cabin cover door -because there are mounting screw holes that would seem to correspond to the location of a part. I have looked at other 20' on the web in photos and can't get a good view of what is used. Anyone with a 20' swing keel advise me what to use and where I can get parts? I've looked online at marine supplies but can't find anything. Would a trailer boat winch hand crank work?
Thanks much! bal20Greg

Gene S

Nov 29, 2015
Delphia 37 Tacoma
Never a trailer boat winch. You need a brake winch. Similar to them. I have one on my Laguna 24.
May 27, 2016
Arthur Marine Balboa 20 Lake City, MN- Hansens Harbor
Henry thanks so much this helped greatly- I've got the part on order via the old post and links that were shared.
Enjoy a great season on the water! Greg