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Jul 5, 2015
Bristol 24 Corsair Ruskin
I got clean the hull(which was painted 2 years ago) and there's mold imprints left behind as shown in tne photo. Now then, if i apply a mild abrasive wax to the hull and a buffer would such take the marks off?

Photo on the right shows the before side and the left one the after water, soap and deck brush (notice the marks on the hull)... As always, your advise and knowledge sharing is appreciated.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Mold or algae can be very easily removed by using an acid based cleaner....I've always found success with and inexpensive commercial toilet bowl cleaner, such as you might find in the janitorial dept at a store like "smart & final". Make sure you find use product with HCL, oxalyic or muriatic acid (diluted, or course) rather than bleach. If the marks are petroleum or rubber based.... dock edges or shoe scuffs, for instance.... a little Acetone on a rag will take them right off... In both cases rinsing with fresh water right afterwards will prevent possible gel coat damage. The advantage here is that little or no scrubbing is required which is hard on the gel coat. Be advised, both these methods will remove existing wax.... but I can't think of anything else that won't...
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Jun 4, 2004
Hunter 31 and 25 and fomerly 23.5 Stockton State Park Marina; MO
If it was a LP type paint use a polish instead of wax. Something like Mcguires #7. LP paints will often black streak when getting wet after using wax.
Probably you should use the acid wash first though.
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