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Anyone use a CPAP when they anchor or moor out?

Aug 2, 2005
Pearson 33-2 & Typhoon 18 Seneca Lake
My wife was right......as often happens! She told me to ask " the group on Sailboatowners" about the same concerns Ilanortho mentioned in the lead-off post.

Thanks for posing this question and thanks for the experience based answers from the group members. Eileen and I are planning an extended stay aboard our Pearson during a visit to SW Florida and need to have the information you have so clearly offered. "We who are about to sleep salute you!"
Dec 28, 2015
Laser, Hunter H30 Cherubini Tacoma
without my cpap I would use about 7 percent of my 280amp/hour capacity of my 8D Lifeline. With my Cpap (Resmed 8) and without humidifier I would use a extra 5 bringing it down to about 88. Adding my wifes with her humidifier we were seeing a total in the low 80's after a night of use.
Apr 8, 2011
Hunter 36 Deale, MD
So we're on a cat in the BVIs in Feb and I've been working this problem. Sure, you can run the generator and have 120v outlet use overnight. There also a 12v car charger plug at the nav station if someone were to want to sleep in the lounge then you could run the CPAP off batteries with a 12v car adapter for your CPAP. The better solution (if you don't want to sleep in the lounge area) is that there's 12v USB outlets in every stateroom. This gives you two great options:

1. Buy a USB to car plug adapter, and buy a 12v car plug adapter for your CPAP and you are all set. This assumes the USB outlet can supply the amperage your CPAP needs for startup (my Dreamstation without humidifier draws ~5 amps or a little less on startup, then less than 2 amps while I sleep).
2. Buy a 12v lithium battery for your CPAP and plug your CPAP into that overnight (most will power them for 1-3 nights) and then during the day plug the battery into the USB outlet to recharge it. ResMed power is a good one that is also FAA carry on compatible.

I have both, just in case the USB port doesn't have sufficient amperage to power the CPAP on startup. On my Hunter 36 there's 12v auto plug outlets in both staterooms so I just use the direct 12v adapter for my CPAP and run it every night. The drain on the house bank (350Ah) is very minimal.
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Feb 10, 2004
Hunter 40.5 Warwick, RI
I use a 12V adapter plugged into a 12v socket in my berth. My CPAP draws maybe 2A. I don't use a humidifier on=board.

Dr Who

Oct 23, 2021
Beneteau First 26 Urangan
Not sure if someone has posted this before, but I've been recommended this by a camping club I'm in, most of whom have CPAP machines, and without which there might be no sleeping, Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

I've only just gotten my first boat so after getting her cleaned and defouled, plus a fast pump for the tender, this will be next on my list!
Jun 9, 2008
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You can buy a battery pack for C-Pap use and it is about the size of a mini iPad (except thicker). It is good for at least one full night of sleep and you can charge it with a cigarette lighter outlet from your boat battery source.