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anyone have experience with the sunbird 16?


Sep 9, 2015
Sunfish 16 Cherokee lake
I am looking at buying my first sail boat and this seems to be a great option with my limited budget. It's comes with new sails, 55kw trolling motor, paddles, trailer, Etc. only problem is after market trim the owner put on there that I'll have to replace or cover the holes from. Other than that I can't see any problems in picking it up to clean tomorrow to see the rest, then I am test driving her this weekend. So please just tell me should I steer clear from this boat or is a great boat? I love that I can beach her and go on islands of id like and I love the cabin it has even though it's small. Iare there better options for 1000 and under? I can probably get this for 500 I think!