Alden design # 463 The North Haven Dinghy class.


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Jun 22, 2004
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The North Haven one design racing class has been around since 1887. John Alden was asked to take the lines off the original dinghy in 1919. Alden then revised the plans in 1929, and many were built in traditional wood construction and eventually, fiberglass.

Members of the club (on North Haven Island), that have raced the boats for over a century, report that one race in the 40's had 96 boats competing!

The North Haven dinghy's are still raced today. There are quite a few around the Fox Islands. This one sailed by last weekend in the Fox Island Thoroughfare. These gaff rigged centerboard dinghy's are tricky boats to sail well.

Hit by a typical strong gust of wind in the tree lined thoroughfare, the capable young woman muscling the rudder, anticipated the gusts, kept the little boat on it's feet and sailing very fast!
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