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Admiral loves Hove To and other musings after a week on the water:

Jul 13, 2015
Catalina 22 #2552 Kennewick, WA
1) It is very difficult to operate an outboard if you manage to leave the fuel supply line 200 Miles away in the garage

2) Sunday's are terrible days to find parts

3) Don't bother with Atwood generic "universal parts" -- I hand pumped the motor for 2 NM until I could finally get berthed at the marina, made a Monday Morning run to the Honda dealer and life was good again :)

4) Putting your boat in the water for consecutive days will absolutely "prove" if you have a bone dry boat - thankfully my answer is still yes, although it's time to replace the original gate valve with a proper thru-hull fitting as the packing nut is finally starting to weep a drip or two.

5) Winners of the best bang for the buck category vacation edition:
Marina Slip
Jib Bag (my new best friend) and Sail cover
Taylor 12" ball fenders
Rudder hardware upgrades
Standing Rigging

6) Sailing is always fun






IMG_1113 (1).jpg
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Aug 23, 2019
Catalina 22 13425 A driveway in Pittsburgh
Looks like you had some fun

Speaking of watertight tests, I have only spent one night at a time on my boat before I got her a slip that is a 2 hour drive from home. My mind was doing some funny things that first week away with her floating. All the things you imagine going wrong, good times.
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Mar 20, 2015
Catalina 22 New Style SHSC, Lake Winnipeg
I agree with all your points except #6. there are times….

#4 is a bit scary initially. When we left our C22 in the marina for the first half season, we were wondering when we would get a phone call, even though it appeared to be bone dry before we did so.

Last year the risk was spiders taking over the boat, or it being claimed for salvage because of it being effectively abandoned at the dock for the season, without use.:wahwah:

Good to see someone out on the water.:beer: