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ACP hull painting

Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Moderators: This will appear in Ask A Hunter Owner, Smaller Boats and Day Sailors as I have talked with Al Fooks to make sure this information is distributed to those who wish to bottom paint the ACP or plastic hulls by Hunter.

One respondent advised his hull was painted Petit's Vivid anti fouling paint with a tye coat. Petit is a division of Kop-Coat Marine Corp.. Customer and Technical Support is 800-221-4446. I was advised to call 973-776-8253, Frank Legalman (?). I left several messages and never got a response.

However, I was able to find ssome notes. First, these are plastic hulls and many of the anti fouling paints will react with the plastic hulls; therefore, you have to be very careful. Further, ACETONE or any other surface preparation chemical shoud not be used as it may attach the plastic hulls. The first step to adding anti fouling paint is to scuff-sand the bottom surface of the boat at and below the waterline. Next wipe down the entire area with denatured alcohol constantly using clean rags to remove wax and dust from sanding. Finally paint the boat with Interlux Fiberglass BottomKote Act. It is recommended Interlux's gray white color as does not attract the heat build up on the hull like darker colors do. If leaving the boat in the water, it is suggested the centerboard and centerboard trunk be painted if needed.

On the Hunter 216, it was suggested that the centerboard and trunk housing be should be painted. You can either hoist the boat up and drop the centerboard or remove the centerboard from the boat topsides. To remove from the topsides, there are 8 screws in the cockpit securing the frame which will need to be removed. Using a hoist carfully raise the complete centerboard cartridge from the boat. Remember the centerboard is made of solid lead so it is heavy and extra caution is recommended when taking that out either way. Originally the lead centerboard was primed with a primer which if I recall, Interlux 2000 or 2001.

I hope this information will help all ACP built boat owners.

Dave Condon