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79 l25 rudder service

Nov 26, 2007
Lancer 25 SoCal
I pulled the rudder yesterday for the first time, which came out easy along with a couple of shims that looked like they were made from plastic milk jugs. There was about a tablespoon of very black water that I poured out of the 1 5/8" od ss rudder tube and this slides inside a 1 ¾" id PVC pipe.
I hung the rudder in a sling, put some abrasive media and vinegar in the tube then capped and shook to clean out the tube. Finally rinsed with water and inverted to dry. The plan is to fill the tube with foam to prevent moisture from entering.
I put a piece of heat shrink over the rudder shaft then installed using dry silicone lubricant. No play and just enough friction. I'm very happy with this installation. Time will tell if the heat shrink is a long term solution.



Jun 10, 2004
S2 9.2A Winthrop, MA
I always felt like the hollow rudder post allows for condensation to form leading to water in the rudder. My rudder split the first winter I had my L 25, then I started drilling a hole in it each winter and filling it in the spring. Be sure the foam you use is closed cell. I'd be tempted to use fire bock foam. That's tough stuff.
Nov 9, 2008
Pearson-O'Day 290 Portland Maine

I need help. I hit a rock and bent my rudder post. I will have to make a new rudder the winter. Could I talk either one of you guys to trace your rudder on paper and locate the shaft for me? If its still out anyway. My shaft is BENT, and not just from impact. I think the PO hit a rock down in Mass and had it fixed but nit straightened.
Please PM me with your email and I'll send pics of the carnage. Actually, I'll upload them here later so you'll know I'm on the up.

Don Scribner