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2006 Rendezvous activities

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Dec 3, 2003
None None Rochester, NY
This is the place to express your wishes and desires for the LOHSA 2006 Rendezvous. What would YOU *5 like to do?
Nov 20, 2005
Hunter 356 Sabbatical
My two cents

Ken, We enjoyed the trip to Toronto for the fireworks. Casino night was fun but left a bit of bad feeling during the bidding phase. Maybe a non-competitive solution to that would be that money would buy chances (the more money, the more chances). Prizes would be awarded by drawing the chances out of a hat. All tickets would be replaced for the "big" prize(s). The use of a multimeter to diagnose electrical problems and other how to workshops would be good. I did like the session where the guys from the service side related their experiences with the repair of our boats. Gary
Not open for further replies.