1990 Hunter Vision 32' Jib Tension

Oct 15, 2018
Hunter 32' Vision Quantico, Virginia

I need to set the tension on our jib. Does anyone know the specification for the tension?

Jul 19, 2013
Pearson 31-2 Boston
Just enough to stretch the un-tensioned luff. On a windy day, add enough to remove any scallops in the luff under sail.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I need to set the tension on our jib.
Hi Jason.
There are at the least two issues that you face.
  1. Tension of the forestay
  2. Tension of the sail luff.
Some think that they are the same but not so.

You have not identified if your boat has a Furler or you use Hank On Jib. Slightly different tension thinking is used.
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
............I need to set the tension on our jib. Does anyone know the specification for the tension?........
Not aware of any specification. The shape of the jib is controlled by the fore and aft location of the jib leads, luff tension, sheet tension and headstay tension. Below are some general comments

jib leads...........used to control the top and bottom shape of the jib. The middle of the jib is not as affected by lead position as much as it is with sheet. Once the sail is trimmed to the appropriate spot on the lower spreader, adjust the lead to make the top and bottom look right. Moving the lead forward will make the upper leech more closed and the foot rounder. Moving the lead aft will make the upper leech more open and the foot flatter J/105 Tuning Guide | North Sails You also might this article helpful: A Foolproof (and Simple) Way to Set Jib Leads - Practical Sailor (practical-sailor.com)

luff tension.............on the leading edge of the sail is controlled by jib halyard. The principal effect of luff tension is to position draft in the sail. Increased luff tension moves draft forward. Decreased luff tension moves draft aft 5.2 - Genoa Trim — UK Sailmakers. If you want to optimize it, tension should be less in light air to give the sail a fuller, more powerful shape, and more taut in stronger winds. Good discussion in this thread on jib halyard tension: Dumb Jib Halyard Question...can it be TOO tight? | SailNet Community

Sheet tension.............is the most important control for adjusting the jib once the draft is set. Trim the jib as hard as possible without slowing the boat down too much. The jib needs to be played in conjunction with the main and the helmsman’s steering. The sheet tension will change with each change in the wind speed J/105 Tuning Guide | North Sails

Headstay tension...........affects the the overall camber of the jib J/105 Tuning Guide | North Sails.

Overall discussion on jib triimming might be helpful: Jib trimming: a balancing act (yachtingnews.com)
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