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1989 Irwin 52 Centerboard

Oct 18, 2018
Irwin 52 Beaufort NC
Hello All,

Putting my boat back in the water soon and doing some maintenance on the center board first. The attached picture is looking down on the center board cover. Can anyone tell me what the plastic piece is, where it came from, and where I could get another one? This one may be okay but as you can see it is cracked on the nut. I think it is a sleeve that is screwed into the fiberglass with some type of packing bushing in it so the shaft can turn? Thank you in advance for any help!
Irwin Centerboard.jpg
Feb 20, 2011
Island Packet 35 Tucson, AZ/San Carlos, MX
Pretty sure it's called a packing nut or gland. Don't see many plastic ones, probably for reasons that are obvious at this point.
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Mar 18, 2019
Irwin 32 Corpus Chiristi, TX
It looks like a packing gland. You really ought to replace it with a metal one. A good one. It could save you a lot of trouble down the road.