1987 Cat 22 SK Halyard Replacement Line

Feb 20, 2016
Catalina 22 Palm Harbor
Looking for best Spec. for Main Sail Halyard.
Looked at Sail Rite, Catalina Direct and Defender Marine
Catalina Spec. is 14" , purchased that Halyard Kit at 60'-0" only to find out the existing clutch for this line will only accept 3/8"-5/16"
Catalina Direct wants $117 for 61 Ft. Others are less expensive, but not familiar with Spec. other than I am supposed to be looking for Low Stretch
+3,000 Lbs. Tensile Strength, Etc.
Currently, the boat has 3/8" halyard that is exceeding the height of the lower interior mast shive................
Any suggestions

Ward H

Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
My halyards on my C30 are 5/16". I would think you would be fine with that size on a C22.
I only go to 3/8" for control lines that I handle frequently.
NER Sta-Set should be fine for your boat but if you want a lower stretch line, I like the NER VPC line. Decent feel, low stretch and decent price compared to very low stretch high tech lines.

When I bought my first keel boat I thought bigger the line the easier it would be to handle. After spending a bunch on jib and main sheets that were too big for the sheaves of all the turning blocks, I bought a 2' length of several diameters of line and tested them in the blocks and how well I could grip the lines.
I then went with the smallest lines I could grip well that also fit the blocks and line clutches.
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Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
You can also refer to the Samson line selection guide attached and table excerpt below. So for your 22 ft boat you can either use a 6 mm Warpspeed II or 8 mm (5/16") MSX3 or XLS3. In the attached you can find the brealing strength and elastic stiffness for Sampson lines. An alternative is the New England Rope VPC (6 mm has 3200 lb and 8 mm has 5500 lb breaking strength) Performance - New England Ropes (neropes.com) and Line Selector - New England Ropes (neropes.com) as Ward H and Sailfanatic recommended. Also recommend the smallest halyard line diameter you can install.....less weight and easier to handle as long as the line clutch can hold it. That is what I do on my Hunter 46



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