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1987 Cat 22 Lazy Jacks Rigging

Feb 20, 2016
Catalina 22 Palm Harbor
Okay.............I'm learning as I go.
U Tube is no help so I'm wondering if anyone can assist with the reinstallation of an existing lazy jack install on this boat?
I get the arrangement on each side of the boom, it's just where do these lines start and end up.
I had someone help me step the mast and run the lazy jack lines. However, lowering the mast required i remove the boom and Lazy Jack connections.
Does anyone have directions as to how their boat was rigged, assuming you installed your lazy jacks after you purchased the boat.
I have a plethora of hardware on the boom, each side and would like to have some idea when we step the mast again ( Training before embarrassment at the boat launch )
Your help would be greatly appreciated
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