1986 Fixed Keel Material

Sep 15, 2016
Catalina 22 Minnesota
New owner of 1986 fixed keel. What's the material of the keel, lead or cast iron?

Many thanks --
Ok do you mean wing keel or Fin keel? I don't believe that the fin was offered in 1986 but I could be mistaken. The wing was "officially" offered in 1987 and I know of only 1 wing from 1986 (mine) so I would be interested in your hull or sail number. As for the material the wing is led not steel. It is somewhat malleable and can be reformed if it gets banged up on the trailer too bad. Bolts on the wing should have been stainless and they are U shaped embedded in the keel so not easily replaceable.

If you have the Fin version there is a kit to retap / drill new bolts I believe from Catalina Direct but I would call them and speak with their tech support and also call Catalina Yachts directly before attempting such a large repair. How much rust are you seeing? Any Pictures?
Jul 25, 2021
Catalina 22 TBD
Hi @LakeShark. Many thanks for your response. I'm certain it's a fixed keel. The boat is ~2 hours from me and we're working on getting it transported to a yard. Once done - I'll definitely be back in touch if that's ok. It was advertised as a 1986 - but who knows, the previous owners could be wrong. Please see included photo.


Sep 15, 2016
Catalina 22 Minnesota
@hambonebrown Yup that's a Fin on the original design C22 (and yes i believe that could still be an 86 as I think the new design started in 87). A really fun boat and not quite the same as the wing I have. I believe the keel though is still led not steel but don't quote me on that one. Below is a thread from an old forum where others dealt with a similar problem and a kit to fix or backup the bolts. Depending on how bad the bolts look for rust you may try to remove them or if they don't go with a little persuasion just leave them and install the kit to back them up. there seems to be conflicting information as to weather there studs or J-bolts in the keel.

I sailed a fin like that for a while in San Diego. There a fun boat and hard to kill. Even jumped a few waves in one off the coast in a squall with full sail that was fun! Welcome to the forum and if you have pictures of the rusted area in question that would help with the advice. The Fin keels are the most rare of the C22s but they are great boats with far less maintenance than the sing keels.

Sep 30, 2013
1988 Catalina 22 central Florida
Cool boat, very rare! Her draft is too deep for where we sail, but if anyone wants a C22 to keep in a slip, and sail in deep water, that one can't be beat. :thumbup: