1984 Hunter 34 Standing Rigging

May 24, 2005
Hunter 34 chicago
Does anyone have information on how the shrouds get assembled? My rigger took it apart and it seems like it is incorrect. For instance the lower set of spreaders has 3 stays attached and one passing through. Does anyone know the fore to aft stack? (D2 upper, V2 lower, V1 lower and d1 lower) per the owners manual diagram. I am also looking for the stack on the chain plates since there are 3 points of attachment. The most inboard one is the D1 Lower.

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Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Since you have a B&R rig consider looking at another B&R rig Hunter sailboat owner's manual to view their detailed shroud connection diagrams for reference. That might help.
Mar 20, 2011
Hunter 31_83-87 New Orleans
Here is a link to my H31 (sister ship to the H34) owners manual in the downloads section of this forum. it has a page on masthead B&R rig layout.

also in the general downloads section is a doc on tuning the masthead rig.

these may be of assistance.

I’ll look and see if I have any pics that may help when I replaced my mast that show attachment points at the spreaders

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Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Sorry I can't be of help, David. My spreaders have leather boots on them so ya can't see the relative positions of the ends on the spreaders. I would be guessing if I suggested that the ones going down to the fore/aft on the chainplate were fore and aft on the lower spreader? I mean the D1 Lower Diamond and the D2 upper intermediate in the middle of the stack on the lower spreader tip and the V2 Lower Upper, forward on the tip and the V1 Lower Intermediate aftmost in the tip stack.. again, just a guess. These can be zoomed in to look at the ends, but the boots make it difficult.
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Mar 20, 2011
Hunter 31_83-87 New Orleans
Here are a few pics I found on replacement mast. I tried to zoom in on connection points at mast (grassy area) as well as new rigging attachment points at yard when installing replacement.

the lower connections have a ball/tang set up.




Spreader Screenshot 2021-08-10 113427.jpg
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Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 34 Alameda CA

Here is a zoomed in picture of my lower spreader tip. Aft is to the left where you can see the acorn nut I used on a stainless steel shoulder bolt. After all the trouble I had getting the original pins out I replaced them with bolts. At least next time I can get a wrench on the head and hopefully rotate it loose. The acorn nuts are loctited in place. Being smooth, they don't chafe my mainsail. The original sail had patches from the cotter pins. I recall there is a groove for the shroud (V2) machined in the tip of the spreader. That fits between two terminals on the cross bolt. Since the boat is 45 miles away, from memory, I am going to say the V2 shroud is the aft position on the chainplate. It seemed to hang the straightest that way. V1 is forward. The order on the lower spreader tip starting from aft is: D2, D1, V2, and V1. Is this close to what you have? I remember it was very confusing at the time.


Spreader Tip.jpg
Boom Brake 1.jpg