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1978 Y-25 15hp Yanmar $6000

  • Thread starter jer_ryanderson@yahoo.com
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Boat is $6000 and located in Wilmington, CA 714-943-1600. jer_ryanderson@yahoo.com


Yamaha 25 --

Couple of questions on your selling the Yamaha 25. I thought a Y - 25 came with a Yanmar YS series that 8 horse power. Second, why the low price....if you look at a 1978 Yamaha 24 Motor sailor for sale on YachtSales, it goes for around $8 - 10K....the 30 goes for around $24 - 28K. This is the second Y - 25 I have seen for approximately $6K. Is there anything wrong with your boat or the Y-25 model??
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