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    Need some offbeat advice

    There's a guy looking for a mast for a C&C 35 on this site. Maybe he could use your mast, sleeve it and extend it for his boat. He's located in New York. Here's the link to his post. It would need some modifications but it might be worth a conversation. Seeking used C&C 35 Mast
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    Performance with a keel

    I would not consider a Capri 22 or a Catalina 25 to be sport boats or capable of planning. If you're looking for speed in a small boat, an older mini transat might be a really fun boat to look at. Camping accommodations are minimal. Ocean capable. 2012 Mini Transat 6.5 Pogo II Cruiser/Racer for...
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    Hull speed and fuel consumption Hunter 30

    You must need an awful lot of tanks to get you anywhere. :biggrin:
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    PHRF adjustments

    Our club is talking about making adjustments to PHRF handicaps to include a credit for boats that use dacron sails exclusively. The other thought is giving a penalty to boats that use high tech materials such a carbon. Do any of your clubs make such an adjustment? If so, how many seconds per mile?
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    Anchor locker drainage

    Have someone else drill the hole. :biggrin: Or raise the floor and pitch it to the existing hole.
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    where is the autopilot computer ?

    Follow the wires.
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    Shroud tensions, Catalina 27, North sails

    Ballpark numbers. Uppers between 12-18% of breaking strength of wire. Lowers between 10-14% of breaking strength of wire. Varies depending upon expected wind speed. It doesn't matter who made the sail.
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    Going to look at a 322 next week...

    You should read this post.
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    Don your jibcap

    That JibCap seems like a solution looking for a problem. Any idea what it will cost? I would imagine that a can of UV fabric protector would be effective and it wouldn't look dorky. You can also spray the webbing at the tack with the same UV protector.
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    Barient #17 Winch Top & Bottom Jaws

    Hutton-Arco should have replacement parts for Barient winches. Check in the "Spare Parts" section at HUTTON-ARCO Yacht Winches If you don't have luck, there's a pair of complete Barient 17 self tailing winches in the gear section of classifieds on this site.
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    Trogear bowsprits can be mounted in many different ways giving you some flexibility with its location. They are pretty easy to remove if it interferes with your anchor. They can also be pivoted up and out of the way when not in use. There's one for sale in the classified section.
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    Replacing Jabsco with Raritan

    Here are the dimensions where the Raritan and Jabsco toilets are different. This is giving some people difficulty with the installation. It's not a direct replacement is some instances. Since many heads are in tight locations, it can make it impossible to run the waste hose to the same location...
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    Replacing Jabsco with Raritan

    It's not an identical match. This has been discussed before. Check out this thread.
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    retractable bowsprit

    The Trogear sprit can be pivoted up to clear the anchor and rode. The bobstay would be rigged as an adjustable type and not a fixed one. Just loosen the bobstay and pivot the sprit up and out of the way. If you wanted to remove the sprit completely, you would only have to unscrew two bolts...
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    It's never too early to reef

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    retractable bowsprit

    Another option would be a Trogear bowsprit. It won't block the anchor locker. There's one for sale in the classified section.
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    Will Asymmetrical Spinnaker work?

    If you're thinking about adding a bowsprit, there's one listed in the classified section. Looks like a Trogear unit.
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    Winch shims

    Oh s**t
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    Replacing a vinyl name

    For a self proclaimed lazy person... have someone do it for you. :biggrin: Otherwise the information you're getting is good.
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    I don't know if any of you big boat owners look at the classified ads but I just saw a new genoa listed for sale at a very good price. It's too big for my boat but it may be a good fit for yours.