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  1. Moody Buccaneer

    30's in Mexico?

    If you have or know of a C30 on the west coast of Mexico and they are not planning to do the Banderas Bay Regatta you will miss a great event! This is the 18th year and we have four C30's entered so far. If one more enters we will have a one design start! How cool would that be? The...
  2. Moody Buccaneer

    Gone to the dark side ...:(

    I've gone to the dark side ... I've become a power boater. Sometime next year, I may put C30 Hull #10 up for sale. Much of the boat is in better than new condition, over $90,000 USD spent lovingly over the last 2 years. From the keel bolt to the masthead everything is new or refurbished...
  3. Moody Buccaneer

    SSB vs GPS

    I'm planning the install of an SSB radio. I'm planning to use the backstay as the antenna. Do I need to worry about the relative height of the GPS receiver and Radar? The GPS is mounted on a hoop over the Radome about 9 feet of the deck. Should I put the lower insulator above the GPS for any...
  4. Moody Buccaneer

    Chart System Preference

    I spent an hour or so in the archives and didn't find what I was looking for. Between Navtronics and C-Map which do you prefer? Should the compatible software be a factor in choosing a chartplotter? From what I can find on the net, both Navtronics Platinum and C-Max+ have about the same...
  5. Moody Buccaneer

    Significant developments in the last 100 years?

    Some things never change, some things come and go, some new ideas never get off the ground (or past the launch ramp). Looking back over the last century, what would you say are the most significant developments in sailing? What are your choices for the most significant boats (designs)?
  6. Moody Buccaneer

    Line diameter/ construction selection

    The thread on halyards got me thinking about line sizes and construction for various uses. A common question is what size line to use for Genoa sheets. How do you choose? I'm a geek, so I don't like to guess when I make choices. The formula in the Harken Catalog for Genoa sheet loading is...
  7. Moody Buccaneer

    The search begins :)

    I am starting to look for a C42, 2 cabin Pullman. Are there any "problem" areas that I need to be aware of? Budget allows looking at fairly new boats, even new, but I'd rather find a 3-5 year old boat in good shape so I won't feel bad about replacing the sails and rigging.
  8. Moody Buccaneer

    What lines lead aft and why?

    One of the most common requests I get is advice on how to lead lines aft to the cockpit. The setup I like is to lead only sail trim controls to the cockpit. Everything else stays on the mast. I have lead to the cockpit: Mainsail Trim Controls; Boom Vang Cunningham Outhaul Traveler...
  9. Moody Buccaneer

    Keel Bolt Repair? :(

    I'm going to have the keel off my C30 in the next few weeks. I have the "Catalina Smile" and some leakage past the keel bolts. I'm going to do the keel stub bilge repair to get the wood out at the same time. Has anyone found that the keel bolts needed replacement? If I find corrosion damage...
  10. Moody Buccaneer

    Rigger in Texas (Houston)?

    mjd Seafarer posted for some help getting a too short mast to work. Does anyone here know a rig shop in the Seabrook/Houston area that could help?
  11. Moody Buccaneer

    Vancouver Boat Show

    If you are going to the show, stop by the Sailfest Area and say hello. Not trying to sell anything, just wondering how many forum members I might have talked to. :) If I have some idea of how many forum members visit the show, maybe I can get some support for the site. *! The name on my tag...
  12. Moody Buccaneer

    Locations of through hulls?

    I'm doing a refit this winter. I have C-30 #10, built in 1975. It still has two of the original glassed in pipes with gate valves for the sink drain and the engine raw water intake. The head discharge and intake through hulls are under the port side settee. Where are the through hulls on the...
  13. Moody Buccaneer

    Use of engines while racing?

    I was surprised to learn that engines are allowed during races. The Volvo Ocean 70's use an engine to move the keel. The winner (and new record holder) of the Sydney - Hobart was a CBTF (Canting Ballast Twin Foil) boat that used it's engine to move the ballast. What do you think of allowing...
  14. Moody Buccaneer


    I have C30 hull #10, built in 1975. The icebox was front opening, located aft in the galley on the port side next to the companionway ladder. Front opening iceboxes use ice at an alarming rate. When I was living aboard I took the icebox out and found a 120v mini refrigerator that fit in the...