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  1. ggrizzard

    Bahamas Changes Entry Regulations

    The following is published, without permission, from an official Bahamas email received 11/12/20: The Ministry of Tourism and Aviation released the next phase of its plan to bring tourism back to The Bahamas. Beginning 1st November, The Bahamas removed the mandatory “Vacation in Place”...
  2. ggrizzard

    New Bahamas Regulation : Customs Check-out and Fee

    Getting back "Out There" will be a little more difficult. Read all about this new requirement here:
  3. ggrizzard

    How / Where to Sell a New / Unused Sail?

    I purchased a new 115 jib from a well known loft on the west coast. When it arrived, it was as advertised and to spec EXCEPT that it was 12 inches too short on the luff. The loft replaced the sail with a new one of the correct dimensions. They apparently don't want to bear the cost of...
  4. ggrizzard

    How to Fix Throttle Creep?

    My 2GM20F Yanmar has developed throttle creep. If I set the revs at 2800, it slides down to 2100 or so on its own. Anyone have a permanent DIY fix? Thanks. G.
  5. ggrizzard

    A Simple House Battery Choice?

    I know there have been hundreds of threads about batteries over the years. But... Because I have a simple 12 v DC boat, with no converters, chargers, combiners, solar panels, or built in TVs, radars, air conditioners, freezers, electric heads, wine chillers, espresso makers, blenders, nor a...
  6. ggrizzard

    Canaveral Lock Closure for Maintenance 1 Dec 2019 - 30 March 2020

    The above headline was posted today on Cruisers with the link to the details here: In short, the lock will be "de-watered" for the duration for extensive maintenance. Any cruisers thinking of...
  7. ggrizzard

    West Marine Aborts Price Match... mostly

    Went to Daytona Beach store yesterday and tried to do a price match with Defender prices. I was told by two very nice and sympathetic employees that they will now only price match brick and mortar stores within 50 sm's from their location or an "Amazon fullfilled" item. If you meet the above...
  8. ggrizzard

    Viking Long Ship, North Sea, 61 Sailors

    Apologies if this video has been posted previously. If you haven't seen it, it's a terrific story. Note: It's an hour and twenty minutes in length. Enjoy!
  9. ggrizzard

    Did OxyClean Ruin My Hatch Lenses?

    After the post about Simple Green causing such havoc, I got to thinking about my three year old hatch lenses and how they crazed in so short a time. I've have been using OxyClean powder in solution as a cleaner for the topsides for years and since it's going to be painted next year, I figured it...
  10. ggrizzard

    1978 - 1983 Hunter Electrical Panel Question

    For Kito and those of you who have looked at or changed the panel connections of your Good Old Cherubinis or are willing to check yours to answer this question: On the DC (12 volt) rear side of the panel do you have a WHITE ground wire coming from the engine compartment, (that is attached to the...
  11. ggrizzard

    Drone Defense OR .....

    So I've been seeing posts about sailors being hassled by drones or noisy anchorage crashers or other undesirables. Well, here's a potential solution, though you are advised to abide by all laws and regulations :wink3: "As technologically-impressive radio- and sound-based anti-drone...
  12. ggrizzard

    Phil, It's Still Not Working!

    Boat Babe On Strike still doesn't update automatically even though it's "Watched" and I've posted recently. FYI. G
  13. ggrizzard

    Yanmar /Kubota Water Pump Replacemnt

    About six months ago I noticed water not emanating from the exhaust thru hull for my 2GM20F Yanmar engine. So I took the raw water pump to the local yard and found the shaft turning but the impeller sitting idle. I had a new impeller installed then and afterwards,as usual, started the engine...
  14. ggrizzard

    Yanmar Transmission Oil Level

    Does anyone know how much oil should be in the transmission of a Yanmar 2GM20F. The dipstick on mine only shows one groove at the very bottom... No typical min/max lines. The cap/dip stick looks original and the manual I have does not list a volume that I can find. Thanks in advance. G.
  15. ggrizzard

    Notifications Changes

    I used to get an email with a list of new threads from forums I selected. That feature went away apparently. I wondered if that is replaced by the method of one email for one thread? Thanks, G.
  16. ggrizzard

    Email Notifications Strange

    This is how my daily email notifications appear... literally. All run together, no spaces or title divisions. Any Ideas? Dear ggrizzard,You are subscribed to the thread "Boat Babe on Strike!" by Boat Babe, there have been 2 post(s) to this thread, the last poster was waternwaves...
  17. ggrizzard

    There Be Pirates!

    Stumbled across a promo for a series called "Black Sails" that is (was?) on Starz. Haven't watched yet (Gotta figure out what 'Starz 'is first) but the web site interviews and the trailer looks good. Walk the plank here: Aaaarg Matey!
  18. ggrizzard

    YSM 20F Throttle Stuck

    After two years of trouble free use but then after two years of inactivity, the throttle on my Yanmar has stuck. It's not the cable, that runs free. The local mech came a month ago and worked it free and it worked "OK" until this week. Any thoughts or solutions? If I have to have it torn into...
  19. ggrizzard

    System down again

    Phil, Here we go again: I have my morning Email that contains updates to the forums to which I subscribe, but when I click the link I get an error message: "Operation Not Currently Available". George
  20. ggrizzard

    System Down?

    Phil or Staff, I have my morning Email that contains updates to the forums to which I subscribe, but when I click the link I get an error message: "Operation Not Currently Available". No problem with the links on the Monday Bulletin. Any thoughts? Thanks, G Grizzard