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  1. Bill19233

    Emergency Tools

    I'm way behind on "January sailing in Texas" videos. We left the dock for 10 races in January, only finished 8. This last weekend were the two we didn't finish. Winds were gusting to 35 knots on Saturday, 30 on Sunday. Saturday, we were too far back in the standings to risk busting gear or...
  2. Bill19233

    Texas January Racing

    We raced the first weekend of 2021 on Galveston Bay. Saturday was the GBCA Cruzan Rum Icicle Race #1. We finished just in the points, fifth in Club Handicap Spinnaker, no rum, though. Sunday was WYC Peanut Regatta #1. They're setting up multiple classes this year, third in a class of three...
  3. Bill19233

    Texas December Racing

    We raced my Hunter 340 in the GBCA Chili Chase Regatta on December 5th on Galveston Bay. Had a great time, traded position seven times with "Bad Girl", a Cal 33. They were female skipper with all male crew, we were male skipper with all female crew. "Bad Girl" ended up 2nd in class in the...
  4. Bill19233

    Battery Brands

    The three group 31 house batteries on my Hunter 340 are close to a decade old. Last half dozen day trips for races on the bay, the reefer and stereo have drained them enough to require switching to battery 2 to start the engine. A quick internet search shows about a half dozen brands of deep...
  5. Bill19233

    Looks Important Maybe

    Found this cotter pin laying on the deck of my Hunter 340 in front of the mast after the last race. Race was light wind, but we used both socked spinnakers and the whisker pole. I’ll spend the next several hours next time I’m at the marina looking for where it might have came from. It’s pretty...
  6. Bill19233

    Fall Racing on Galveston Bay

    Link for the video of GBCA Rum Race #8 on Galveston Bay. Really fun downwind leg starts at about 7:40. About forty boats racing, clips from cameras on a Hunter 340 and Hunter 40.
  7. Bill19233

    34 Feet

    Just read a post commenting on a 34’ Hunter and a J/105 in the same sentence. We had a blast racing last Saturday on Galveston Bay in the last Rum Race of 2020. It was the last mile or two before three J/105’s in the same 12 mile race caught and passed our 34’ Hunter 340 on the the A-sail run...
  8. Bill19233

    Not rust, but what?

    After the last two rains, found this stain oozing out of a snap screwed into the deck for the skylight sun cover. It cleans up, but is it rotting core or what? Reddish brown but definitely not rust.
  9. Bill19233

    Racing on Galveston Bay

    We were on the bay last Sunday, Mother’s Day, and we weren’t alone. Boats of all kinds and sizes on the water and people everywhere on shore. Right or wrong and all the other issues with what activities should or should not be done in our current situation are on another thread for discussion...
  10. Bill19233

    Nav Station Light

    The light on the nav station on the coiled wire on my boat has seen better days. Has anyone found a replacement? Several searches on this website have not found it.
  11. Bill19233

    Racing Hunters in March in Texas

    Way past January, so I started a new thread. The same Hunter 34 that won last week repeated on Sunday. Winds we're gusting over 30 knots on Galveston Bay and only four boats came out for the race, so not a lot of close action on the video. I'm a little concerned about the flex in the forestay...
  12. Bill19233

    More January racing in Texas

    Last week was over 20 knots, but this week was another drifter. A frontal passage gave us a little wind and a lot of rain for part of the race. Enjoyed every minute of it. We were the last boat to cross the finish before time expired.
  13. Bill19233

    December Racing in Texas

    We raced in the GBCA Chili Chase regatta last Saturday on Galveston Bay. The wind died before most boats finished and the committee boat left so they could judge the chili back at the club house. We stayed on the course and finished. They decided to draw boat names from a hat to distribute...
  14. Bill19233

    Warrior Sailing

    This just showed up in my YouTube feed. I hate it missed Veterans Day by a couple days. One of the veterans on Warrior is regular crew on my boat. Best wishes to all the veterans on this forum and thank you for your service.
  15. Bill19233

    Peanut Regatta

    Local yacht club has "Peanut Regattas" on open weekends. Mostly Catalinas and Hunters and the like, and one or two crew. Pretty low key, usually less than ten boats, but always fun. We had a Peanut Regatta this last Sunday and it was J-Fest Southwest on Galveston Bay, lots of boats on the water...
  16. Bill19233

    Harvest Moon Regatta

    Harvest Moon Regatta 2019 - MAProgress Link to a good tracking site for the Harvest Moon Regatta from Galveston to Port Aransas. Start time at 2:00 today. I’m not sailing in it this year, but I have it on good authority a prolific member of this forum is racing on a J105 named “Pesto”. Weather...
  17. Bill19233

    Mainsail Leech Problem

    Part of my mainsail leech twists off to leeward. It's very noticeable since it's right at a draft stripe and reef reinforcement. Sail is 3 or 4 years old. Leech line is tight and battens seem okay. What do I look at next? Are there other trim adjustments or is a repair needed?
  18. Bill19233

    Hunter Owners Racing

    We had three Hunter owners on board my 340 last Saturday on Galveston Bay in Rum Race #8. Rick has an 80's 34, Scott has a 2006 or so 31, and my 2000 340. We didn't do that great in the race, but had a blast. I tried a camera on the mainsail headboard, not bad, but not great clips.
  19. Bill19233

    Racing on Galveston Bay

    We sailed in Rum Race #7 last Saturday. Finished right in the middle of our class. Average winds, not many close crosses, just got closer than I like to the tower that’s the second mark, got inside and windward of another boat, but we were fine. There weren't any big, exciting jibes for...
  20. Bill19233

    Rodkicker Repair

    Has anyone had the cable pull out of the inside of their Selden Rodkicker boom vang? Having trouble finding technical drawings or part numbers online, I can only find just the catalog drawing. How did it break? One too many hard jibes. At 1:04 in this video. Two weeks to the next race...