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    solar fan

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a solar powered fan that fits into a hatch cover or the companionway cover? I saw one on a Colgate 26 a couple of weeks ago. It is about 6 inches in diameter and the solar cell is made into the fan.
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    safety net

    Is there a net made or a device to cover the hole under the seat to the motor well. I accidently knocked my GPS off the mount and lost it through the motor well hold. I have also dropped various other objects. I suppose I could rig something but just wondering what other people are doing.
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    Main Sail

    I have a new Macgregor 26M and have a problem getting the last foot or so up of the main sail. I cannot visually see any obstruction. I lowered the mast and examined everything. I have an automatic furler and got a training session at the factory before I bought the boat. Any suggestions...
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    Great Loop Dream

    Has anyone sailed the Great Loop in a Macgregor 26? Opinions on the suitability of this boat are welcomed. I purchased a new 26M earlier this year and hope to make this trip after I become thoroughly acquainted with the boat. Also, The California factory has closed. No more Macgregor 26 boats...