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    Stern tube hose

    Hi all - I'm in the process of replacing my stern tube hose on my 84 O Day 26.After removing the coupler and the stuffing box assembly, I noticed a slight wear on the shaft .I was thinking if I replaced the 4" long hose with say a 5" long piece that would move the packing nut to new area of...
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    Stern Tube Hose

    I have a 1984 O Day 26 with a diesel engine. while sailing this summer I noticed my stern tube hose looking like a pot belly pig.I think it's original. Needless to say, changing it out will be one of my spring projects. My question is -does anybody happen to know, off hand the out side...
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    Gland packing size

    I pulled out all the shaft packing on my O day 26 . tried to measure the size of it with my mic but got various readings. My question is does anybody know the correct size? 3/16 , 1/4 inch