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    Does anyone know of a tool sold to help re attaching "lift the dot" fittings on my dodger?

    I don't think the Ironwood pacific tool will do it?
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    Raymarine ST7000 auto pilot- integration with Raymarine Axiom question

    i upgraded to the Axiom recently but so far it will not allow me to link the ST7000 to the Axiom- I asked Ray about this when i first bought the Axiom and they said not its not possible, but surely they must have done an update to address this terrible shortfall? Has anyone succeeded at this?
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    Charging at 14.3v!

    I noticed yesterday when i ran the gen set top charge the batteries that my victron gauge told me i was charging at well over 14v- i am thinking this indicates my freedom 2000 might be having a melt down- Any thoughts please- based on experience. If i am correct and the Xantrex Freedom is...
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    H42 Anodes question

    on my 1991 H42 i have anodes on my skeg , shaft and on my variprop. I am intrigued that there is not, and appears to have never been an anode on the keel? My shaft anode is dissolving in less than 2 months, where it used to run 14+ months- same pen, same marina for 10 years and problem only...
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    digital engine senders for old yanmars??

    I have a 1991 H42 that i simply love! I also have a current Raymarine axiom MFD. Does anyone know of a cost effective way to get rpm and oil pressure and engine temp. onto the axiom without the huge cost of the Maretron converter loom? Was out with the family last weekend and had to keep asking...
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    series 1 Hunter passage 42 question

    does anyone know how thick the fiberglass is around the opening ports in the rear master cabin. I want to be able to fir and remove my port visors at will, so am thinking of inserting brass thread serts so i can attach thm with a few grub screws for easy removal when genoa halyards are in use.
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    P42 fixed port light replacement / reseal

    I finally got around to removing my starboard side fixed port panel to re seal to overcome a small but persistent leak.Getting the panel out was easier than expected. I found the factory had used a combination of a butyl barrier and then the Dow 795 as the bond and seal.Chased around for ages...
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    very worrying anode problem!

    I have been chasing a problem in my Hunter 42 for months. I used to get 14>18 months out of a set of anodes, recently I am completely dissolving anodes in 3 months! I am in a pen , connected to shore power. I had all ground wires replaced, had a new galvanic isolator fitted but still have the...
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    secret new storage lockers in H42!

    just posted this on owner mods- if you have a H42- take a look-would be interesting to know if others find the same opportunity!
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    Storm sail or stay sail on H42

    I have the optional inner forestay hardware but not a sail- does anyone have any details of this sail for a H42 please?
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    Has anyone found a wireless camera that can connect to a RAYMARINE Axiom?

    Surely someone must have been clever enough to work out how to get a low cost IR security camera of IP6 or above to connect to a Raymarine MFD?? I really want to be able to put a camera under my bowsprit seat so i can have a cleaer vie when sailing in close quarters with genoa out.
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    HELP NEEDED - removing my main side polycarbonate/perspex panel.

    Finally getting around to removing my main side polycarbonate/perspex panel that ports are set into to re-seat it. I have a windscreen removal tool set , so feeling pretty confidant BUT, how to remove old sika from perspex panel and fiberglass it comes out of?? I was planning to use a rubber...
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    Anchor well question??

    I finally got to pulling out all anchor chain and rope rode to inspect and clean this past weekend. All chain and rope rode were in good order, but I noticed that the drain hole in the anchor well, is about 50mm ( 2 inches) above the bottom of the well. In discussion with friends on our marina...
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    i am LOST!!!

    Just logged in for the first time in about a week and cant find 'big boat" forum???? Is it brain fade on my part , or has something changed- drastically?? Eianm
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    emergency rudder options? H42

    Just wondering if any clever person has developed an idea for emergency steering in the event of a damaged rudder- just a thought!
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    New project- made a wine rack to fit in main bilge!

    There is so little storage space on my 1991 P42, so I have always been looking at ways to create some new storage. Hoping to finally start doing some cruising and longer passages so came up with the idea of using the unused space in the main cabin bilge under the center removable floor panel. I...
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    Lewmar portlight gaskets

    Does anyone have any clever tricks to installing new factory gaskets- it seems bloody near impossible!
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    Yanmar 4JH2TE

    I am wondering how much it would cost to buy a digital upgrade box/loom to convert my analog senders etc on my P42's Yanmar 4JH2TE to digital so I could get the data via NEMA to my Raymarine axiom MFD- has anyone done this? WOuld love to hear what sort of project it was and what it ended up...
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    re-installing Beckson portlights in H42

    Finally made the time to do this properly and have removed the port-light and cleaned of the old sealant. Does anyone have any recommendations as to re installing- I realize this is pretty straight forward, but thought I would ask if anyone has any gems of wisdom!!
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    Hunter Passage 42

    Would anyone have the drawings for the emergency tiller bracket for the 1991 H42 please? My boat didn't have one when I bought it, and i feel irresponsible passaging off shore without one.