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    SV Panope. 100 anchor videos

    And unlike most anchor tests, he didn't just test straight line pull. It was a truly nasty series of 180 degree reversals and veers in a wide variety of bottoms. Some of the scopes were only 3.5:1. A real torture test for an anchor. Just about any anchor will hold well in sand, an unchanging...
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    New Genoa Opinion

    The primary reason to go with a higher quality cloth is not to save weight but to have a sail that keeps its shape better and longer. A blown out genoa robs you of upwind speed and increases healing. Something that is as important when cruising as it is racing. OEM sailcloth decisions are made...
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    VHF antenna problem

    A technician able to measure SWR will cost you far more than replacing the antenna and connectors. A "3 out of 5" is almost certainly corrosion in a connector that is adding resistance and robbing signal. A problem with the radio would likely show no measurement.
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    VHF antenna problem

    How old is this stuff? If over 10 years it's probably easier to just replace than diagnose. Salt air eventually gets to the PL259 connectors. Ideally, replace the antenna, connectors and coax. If it's too hard to pull new coax then put on new connectors (assuming there's enough cable to cut it...
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    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    Well, my boat's 55ft but I still just use a manual inflating PDF. The odds that I would fall over AND be immediately unconscious are so low that I don't worry about it. And if I fell off the dinghy, I probably don't want it to inflate. This is especially true with the AIS-MOB attached as I...
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    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    No small boat sailor should use the pill type of automatic inflating lifejacket. We spend too much time wet. I just wear a manual inflating one and take the chance that I'll still be conscious after falling overboard (most automatic inflating PDF'S can be converted) And yes, an AIS MOB that...
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    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    I was so impressed by the Maine experience above that now when my wife and I are alone on the boat we wear our AIS MOB's. When we're in coastal waters with other boats I tell her if I fall over she should just get on the VHF and make sure someone's received the AIS MOB signal and are on their...
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    MOB1 type device Vs Portable VHF with panic button

    I saw an AIS MOB go off in Maine a few years ago. It was in Castine harbor (a false alarm). I was 8 miles away on the other side of Vinalyhaven island and my chart plotter went nuts with a flashing stick figure icon of a drowning man. I assume it had such a long range because my AIS antenna is...
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    FCC Moves Ahead With 5G Regardless

    The US is not going to have a problem if it doesn't get another 5G vendor. But I expect Ligado will do exactly that - go to the FCC with a long sob story about how they can't afford this onerous requirement and it's unfair for the FCC to hold them strictly to the terms of the license they...
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    FCC Moves Ahead With 5G Regardless

    This all started when LightSquared (who went bankrupt and emerged as Ligado) bought a frequency licensed for low power earth to satellite communications with a ridiculous plan to use it for high power LTE communications. The frequency was restricted to low power by the FCC because it was right...
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    PLB recommendations

    The AIS MOB is the biggest change in MOB to come along in my lifetime. In your relatively busy waters, I would definitely go with the AIS MOB. I saw one go off in Maine. I was 8 miles away - several islands over - and my chartplotter started beeping with an icon of a drowning man. Within minutes...
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    Managing the Mal de Mer?

    You can get Stugeron here. It takes about a month for the pills to arrive so order early. I take one pill at bedtime the night before leaving. One when waking up. And another if it's rough early. Then one every 8 hours. My wife takes half...
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    5200 or Epoxy?

    5200 is just too strong. I would use thickened G-Flex epoxy. It happily fills gaps. And isn't brittle like regular epoxy. Don't slather it all over the place. Just put a 1" diameter spot or bead every six inches around the perimeter. And like all West Epoxy, a heat gun will get it to let go...
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    Bilge switch Johnson Ultima vs Water Witch 230

    If those connectors ever drooped into bilge water they could set up a galvanic current that would corrode away your prop and thru-hulls in a remarkably short time. Bilge pump wiring is the most common reason for this corrosion. Always replace a pump or switch if there's any possibility of a...
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    Removing Red Dot heater

    Whatever you do, when you are done don't forget to bleed the engine coolant to clear it of any air bubbles.
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    Bilge switch Johnson Ultima vs Water Witch 230

    I've tried them all - including the Water Witch. The Ultima is the only one that never fails. It's not as big as it looks. Get the JR. Will fit fine. But realize that you may have a wiring problem too. Follow the instructions exactly. And use a multimeter to check for voltage as you go.
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    What strength power washer.

    I've been using this little $75 power washer for two years. It's not the right thing to clean a boat's bottom but ideal for fiberglass nonskid, scuppers, and the bimini. I keep it away from any deck penetrations. It's small enough to store in a milk crate with its hoses, uses only 1.4 gal/min so...
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    What is appropriate for insurance?

    I expect BoatUS will be fine. They don't have a hard sell. As you are most worried about liability (quite appropriate), you'll don't have to worry as much about the insurance on the boat itself. And an old Ranger 26 - while a nice boat - is probably not going to impoverish you if it sank. So you...
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    Battery Switches

    Those aren't big batteries for house use. I'd parallel them and use the pair for everything. The batteries will be discharged a smaller percentage and last much longer. For an emergency start if you drain the batteries, something like this would work great. They say it can start an 8L diesel so...
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    Singing Prop

    Most boats don't have a shaft brush. If you have one it would be obvious - a 12" copper strap between the transmission and the stuffing box. You usually find them on boats with a flexible coupling that electrically insulates the shaft from the engine.