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    Hunter 28.5--Trailer issue

    Buying 28.5 and borrowing a trailer to get it out of the water. Any suggestions on setting the pads (height/etc.)so I don't bang the keel on the boat keel base when loading for the first time.
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    Mystery leak

    I have a 1991 30T. Water is leaking in so bad on the back wall that I'm getting black mold. Replace the original panel as it was delaminated when I bought the boat. Now the new wall is black from the water leak. Of course, I've removed the mattress and the wood panels. I've resealed the bottom...
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    Hunter 30T 1991

    Is there a liner in the water tank or is the tank just the inside walls of the "V" in the bow?. I have a small leak at the bottom of the storage area immediately in front of the water tank. If there's no liner I think I can fix it just put cleaning a refill the bottom seam with thicken epoxy...
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    Water problem

    After running the motor for a while I'm getting water with either oil or diesel in it collecting under the engine and in the bilge. Sometimes its a lot and other times not so much. Any guesses what's going on?
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    Knot meter paddle wheel

    I'm told you can remove it from the inside on a Hunter 30 ('90). How do you do that?
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    roller furling replacement

    I'm going to replace the Hood on my 30T and would like to know the pin size for the fore stay connect at the top of the mast. Since you just did it I thought you,I gut have that info. Would also likely know what type of fitting you used at the top of the mast since CDI says you must used a...
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    Forestay for 1990 Hunter 30T

    Does anyone know the type of end that needs to be on the top of the forestay so that it can be connected to the mast? Replacing my for stay and would like to have the new one in hand when I go up the mast.
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    Hunter30T windows

    What are the pros and cons about removing the large sides windows and reseating them. They currently leak.
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    mast tuning on a Hunter 30 (1989 Fractional rig)

    would like to know the recommended Loos tension on the rigging.
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    Hunter 30T furler

    Many thanks Fred. I'll give the Harken a look.
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    Hunter 30T furler

    My Hunter 30T has Hood continuous line furler. Would like to replace it with a drum furler. Any recommendations?
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    Hunter 30T

    Looking of the tension numbers for rigging on a Hunter 30T.
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    Hunter 30T

    Is the seat back height the same as in the Hunter 28.5 or is it higher?
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    H 336 sanitary hose

    Many thanks. I was hoping the avoid guess work, not one of my strong suits.
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    H 336 sanitary hose

    Need to purchase replacement sanitary hose that runs from the toilet to the holding tank on a 1996 Hunter 336. Need to know the size and length. Any help is appreciated.
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    28.5 traveler

    Has anyone moved the traveler to the roof of a 28.5. Good idea? Bad idea? How did you do it?
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    Lowering a mast

    I have an H23 and the mast is too heavy for one person to man-handle. So, I built side supports out of square tubing and using eye bolts screwed into the bottom; hook them to the small bar on the side stanchion support. I hook the top to a padded metal collar about 8 foot up the mast. It slides...
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    H 336 water tank

    I have a 1996 H336 (33.5) and I think the water line from the tank is loose, but I can not find a way to get to the tank connection. Any advice?
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    H336 in MO

    Many thanks for the help.
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    H336 in MO

    What is the length of the jib halyard for an H336 1996 model? The halyard leads all the way to the cockpit,