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    Yanmar 3ym20, glow plug option?

    My 2006 309 came with a glow plug position on the switch but the switch gave out after about a month and Catalina replaced it with a new one that did not have the glow plug position. I had the boat for 12 years and had no problem starting it even in below freezing temps.
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    Need help: Catalina 36', 34' or 32' cockpit size?

    Checkout the Cat 309 it is also 31 feet like the 310. Also if you want to spend the bucks the 315 is also on the same hull.
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    Catalina 387 in mast roller reef problem

    My 206 C309 had the Selden inmast system and had to keep some tension on the outhaul to stop the jamming in mast from a bagging main. I think if you follow John Gilbert's suggestions you will probably solve your problem.
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    Salt water leak

    You do have a seacock in the area of the prop shaft for the seawater intake for the engine. Check the seawater filter and hoses for leaks Also check the freshwater connections just under the the hatch stairs. These are there to drain the pressure water system and sometimes leak with the cheap...
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    Winterizing Question

    I keep my heater at 38 degrees and I have never had a problem with the cockpit shower freezing. The boat is in the water all year and we get temp into the upper single digits several times a year. I do keep the doors to the Aft cabin and head open to allow air to move around the boat...
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    400 Mk II mainsail

    I have a 2006 C309 with the stock Selden in mast furling and I love it. The only problems I have had is the gas cylinder leaking in the rodkicker that controls the level of the boom. If the boom isn't close to level it binds when furling/unfurling. I'm on my 3rd cylinder but they must...
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    Catalina 350 deck crack and transom crazing

    I think Gunni hit the nail on the head so to speak. I just had the edge of my transom redone after a dive boat struck my boat while in my slip. The tech did such a good job that you can't even see it. Perfect match and the boat is a 2006 C309.
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    Gel Coat Blisters

    I have a 2006 C309 that has what looks like blisters that are hard and dry and about the size of a dime. I have a fin keel and I found 2 blisters that were wet about 2 ft from the bottom of the keel. I think Catalina used some fairing compound over the lead and that is what blistered. I...
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    Salon Windows Leaking!

    Cats Paw 1 I couldn't find anyone in my area that would tackle the window so I plan to do the same as you and silicone that window where it leaks and see what happens. Glad yours is working out OK. We haven't had any rain for the last month and probably won't get any for at least the...
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    Salon Windows Leaking!

    Cats Paw1 Please post what you find out as my window on my C309 #20 is doing the same thing as yours and I was thinking of silicone also. I haven't been able to find a shop that will tackle the job in my area. I don't want to take an 8-10 hour run up to Seattle to get it fixed if I can...
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    Port replacement or covers?

    The "cool" windows have leak problems also. I have a 2006 C309 with those windows and one of mine leaks also. The 309 has I think the largest of this type port and it has a curve that seems to cause the ends to pop the adhesive. I'm having the boat hauled in about a week to fix the port and...
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    Replacing weaco refridgerator

    Are you sure the fridge has died? You might want to check the AC/DC convertor located in the storage locker aft of the fridge. Many C309s had problems with this on early models. I think they switched to a different fridge on late models. I have #20 and mine has had to be replaced so I would...
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    Shaft size Catalina 315, 2014

    Ed. I have a 2006 C309 like John had and it came with the PSS so you might want to double check the C315 to make sure it does not have one already. Also feel free to join the C309 forum as we share so many parts it might come in handy if you get the boat.
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    Icebox Drain

    Trade winds The hoses below the ladder is the access point to drain the pressure water system. The 2 hoses that go to the stern are for your cockpit shower.
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    I have a 2006 C309 and I think the holding tank can be removed by taking the wood panel off under the port settee and thru the hatches under the cushions. I haven't tried this but it will give you access to the hoses plus allow you to measure the tank to see if it will be removable thru the...
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    Second water tank

    The 2 hoses feed the aft deck shower and are used to drain all the freshwater out of the system as stated. This is downstream from the water pump so an extra pump would be needed and I don't how that would work with the existing pump. My thought was to come in upstream above the pump and put...
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    Second water tank

    TWM I have thought about this on my C309 and the best place I found would be in the stern on the starboard side behind the aft cabin . There is a small access panel in the aft cabin so that you can get to the charger and shorepower electrical inlet. Below that is a relatively large space...
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    The erratic tach readings on the factory tachs are not uncommon. Mine does it several times a year. I notice it more if it has been raining so moisture in the air could be causing it. I have a pedestal cover with a plastic bag under the cover so rainwater is not getting into the tach...
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    C42 Critical Hardware Layout

    I have a C309 and my speed sensor it located just forward and slightly offset to starboard of the mast. I have a small access hatch in the floor. I bet yours is located in the same general area as it needs clear water with as little turbulence as possible.
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    Do you have any idea what that crossbrace is cored with ? Wood, Glass, etc I can't tell on mine as we share the same hull. It could be the cracks are just in the glass covering the brace. Have you had any groundings?