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    Stroke of genius or act of lunacy?

    Background: American friends of ours from, oh let's say, NM have kept their boat in Canada for over 10 years. They looove Canada . . . in the summer. In past years, they would migrate North in April or May and return to their home in late September or early October. Of course because of the...
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    “Sad Coincidence” but Inexcusable

    Extremely rare does not mean ”never”. Missing Sailor Lake Erie
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    Quite a Feat for Anyone . . .

    not just one for a 77 year old retired math teacher who has been sailing for less than 30 years. Truly an amazing and emotional ending that I witnessed this afternoon. After 339 days, Jeanne Socrates returned to Victoria, BC where she started her solo, non-stop, unassisted around the world...
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    Navionics Chart Card Subscription Sale - Ends 28 Feb

    Until the end of Feb, all Navionics chart card subscriptions are on sale for $49.99 (USD). It had been nearly 5 years since I had renewed my subscription for the Navionics Platinum+ Vancouver Island (Puget Sound) so I ordered a new one and I just received it in the mail. Great deal if you are...
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    Old News But New to Me

    I was sourcing out a small blade fuse block for a winter project I will starting soon. One of the brand candidates is Blue Sea Systems. I found what I was looking for but noticed at the top of all their web pages a notice that said: "Blue Sea Systems is experiencing operational difficulties...
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    Seaman's Manslaughter - Fascinating Indeed

    I pulled this from a Practical Sailor FB post. A very troubling read from many perspectives. The results of this case, if it goes to the courts, will be interesting and by the sounds of it somewhat precedent setting...
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    Salty Snacks - Never Leave Home Without Them

    Once is bad luck but twice????
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    Glow Plugs Yanmar 3YM30

    Since about 2008, give or take a few years, Hunter replaced the engine Key Switch with an I/O button and a START button on the engine control panel. The panel is manufactured by Ultra Panel Marine. The 3YM30 definitely has 3 glow plugs, the glow connector and a glow relay fitted but nowhere on...
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    Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Primary manufacturer is Kidde but sold under many other names...
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    Flexible Solar Panel Cover

    I have searched the web up and down and have not come across any mention about covering a flexible solar panel with say a sunbrella cover when the boat is alongside and plugged in. Conversely there is a lot of material regarding the adverse effect that UV has on flexible solar panels after just...
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    Does it make any sense

    I understand the potential benefit of balancing a battery bank by feeding positive and negative from opposite sides of the bank. But does it make any sense when batteries are separated by a fair distance. I have 4 x 6v US Battery (US 2200 XC2) making up my house bank. Physically the 2 pairs...
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    Any ideas as to what this widget may be?

    A friend on an IPY 350 found 3 of these gizmos in a box containing spares for winches. That is not to say that these are necessarily related to winches though. They are fabricated from composite material and are approximately 6" in length and 2.5" in height. I have no idea what they may be...
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    Hunter owners, our job just got harder

    Several times a year, I will come across a question pertinent to my Hunter that no matter how much searching I do on the internet nor this forum the answer cannot be found. I then turn, reluctantly because I know he is very busy, to the one person that will have the answer. Today was one of...
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    Forespar Marelon Threads . . . Really Confused

    I am replacing a totally inadequate and I believe unsafe raw water strainer that came fitted in my boat when new. The engine is a Yanmar 3YM30. After some legwork, I decided on a Forespar MF 810 strainer. That strainer has 2 - 1 ½” ports for the inlet and outlet. I acquired 2 - Marelon...
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    Attention PNW Cruisers

    Xmas Present - 2015 Waggoner Cruising Guide - FREE 2nd year in a row that this has been offered. I find the PDF format slow but very convenient for searching. One less book in the boat? Nope, the crew likes the physical format. Either way this is a necessary guide for those that cruise...
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    Shower Sump Pump Circuit

    In my 2012 Hunter 33e, I have a shower that drains into a sump box and is pumped over the side above the water line. The drain from the vanity sink is also plumbed to this box. The sump pump has a separate float switch which is wired (12V) from a reset breaker (Sump) on the main DC panel...
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    Ouch! Another Marina Fire - Shelter Bay/La Connor WA

    Not a lot of information regarding cause. It appears to be mostly motor vessels though.
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    2014 Hunter 37 Review Please

    Alright you lucky few that are currently in Annapolis attending the boat show, gives us a 1st blush of the new Hunter 37.
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    A Couple of Neat Galley Items

    Every once in a while you come across an item on the internet or on someone else's boat that you say what a great idea, gotta have one. These could be work savings items or something that will make life a little or the boat a little faster. Here a couple that sort of fall into the 2nd...
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    Battery De-Mister "Better than Sliced Bread or Snakeoil?"

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this battery additive called Thermoil ( One simply adds about 4 oz of thermoil to each battery cell. From what I can gleam it is supposed to extend the life of a battery, reduce water evaporation, toxic fumes and a whole lot...