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    Drop-in Lithium batteries

    How are you feeling these days about drop-in Lithium batteries on boats? I'm thinking of changing a AGM house bank over to Battleborn drop in 100 amp G31's (US company assembling them in the US). These have a 10 year warranty (8 years full replacement). The charger settings are pretty simple -...
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    How old is your shore power cord?

    Do folks generally replace their shore power cords after some number of years or do you wait for visible problems? Is there a way to test for internal damage? Mine’s looking pretty tired but there are no signs of cuts or overheating. Also, any preferences to shore power cord brand? Marinco...
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    Yanmar 4JH4 1000 hour service

    My four year old 4JH4 HTE has reached 1000 hours. It's running great. No smoke. Doesn't burn oil. Coolant temperatures the same as day 1. Same top RPM as day 1. While I change oil, filters, impeller, and coolant religiously - everything else is original. I'm a big believer in "if it ain't...
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    Noflex vs Odorlos

    I've always used Odorlos but keep seeing ads for Noflex. Any experiences?
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    Shaft corrosion from packing

    So it's time to replace the packing and I'm thinking of switching from flax to Gore GFO. My concern is that MaineSail suggests checking a shaft packed with graphite once a year for corrosion. Frankly, this is more trouble than sticking with flax -- which has always worked pretty well. I have a...
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    Netflix Drone To Home (or boat)

    Now you don't need a satellite dish to watch movies at anchor. If only it was real :D
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    Best route to Eleuthera?

    What are the pros and cons of going to the Eleuthera (from Florida) by going first to Abaco and then crossing to Spanish Wells versus going via Bimini and Nassau? We would go to Abaco after Eleuthera in either case. Carl
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    Take your boatyard boss to lunch month

    If you live where it snows, your January calendar should have an entry "Take boatyard boss to lunch". It's pretty quiet in a northern boatyard or marina in January. My boatyard stores 350 boats. Less than 5 guys do this each winter. For the cost of a sandwich you can demonstrate that...