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  1. KZW

    Antenna Wire

    I was running down a 110 VAC electrical issue when I found this wire labeled: "ANT REM MAX 0.1A". It isn't connected to anything. I also note the green wire (a ground?) not connected to anything labeled "ATT". They are behind the power panel in the wire bundle to the stern o the compartment...
  2. KZW

    Engine Cooling Water not Flowing

    Need help. My boat is no longer huffing with the engine (Universal M25 XPB) running (i.e. cooling water is not being expelled). There is a distinct sound when water is flowing through the system. That sound isn't there. It sounds like the seacock is closed (it isn't). When the water exhaust port...
  3. KZW

    110VAC Outlets

    Does anyone have an accurate wiring diagram for the 110 VAC in the C-310 A diagram of where the wire run in the boat would also be a big plus. I accept all the help I can get. The 110 VAC electrical outlets above and immediately aft of the port and starboard settee no longer provide power...
  4. KZW

    Broken Boat Hook

    What does one do with a broken boat hook? (Crew fell on it at the dock). Fortunately, he wasn't hurt and didn't go overboard. I've thought of trying to fix this by glueing a plug inside the broken barrel of the extending section, but have not found anything (dowel or PVC) of the correct OD to...
  5. KZW


    I'm looking for sage council and advice. I have a Waeco (Adler/Barbour) Cold Machine model PB201-134 (air cooled compressor). It was installed in the then new boat by the dealer for the original owner in 2005. It isn't functioning correctly. The evaporator will only get cool - will no longer...
  6. KZW

    C-301 Forward Berth Mattress

    The title was supposed to read: C-310 Forward Berth Mattress. My apologies for the typo. How does one remove the really nice spring mattress in the forward berth of the C-310? Did the build the boat around it???!!????!!! I need to work on the air conditioner compressor, which in my C-310 is...
  7. KZW

    Traveler Line

    Any C-310 owners replaced their traveler line? The double braid on the starboard line came asunder today on either side of the clutch. As a result, the traveler cannot be moved in either direction. I measured my line as 7/16 in x 30 ft long. I can buy line, but the real issue is the eye-splice...
  8. KZW

    Chart Plotter Replacement

    I'm looking for advice on a replacement for my Raymarine RC435 chart plotter. It is self-destructing. The LED display is breaking up. I contacted Raymarine. They don't carry it anymore, don't service it, don't have parts. I contacted two local marine suppliers that carry and install Raymarine...
  9. KZW

    Fresh Water Pump Compression Fitting

    The picture shows on the lower right what I believe to be a broken compression fitting at the output of the fresh water pump under the sink. It only leaks when the pump is on. Anyone have any idea on a part number and where to get it? I believe the plastic elbow is 1/2 inch ID. I would take...
  10. KZW

    Engine Shut Off T-Handle

    OK, new one on me. Pulled up on the T-handle to shut down the engine this evening. The T-handle broke in half. Nice little red T-handle, Universal M-25XPB engine. Anyone know where to get a new one? I don't see the same part on Catalina Direct, West Marine, Defender, or Jamestown Distributor...
  11. KZW

    Isinglass Covers

    Does anyone know what kind of breathable fabric should contact Isinglass? My dodger has covers for the Isinglass. They are two different types of fabric laminated. Sunbrella is on the outside while the inside the cloth that contacts the Isinglass is a soft breathable fabric. It is almost...
  12. KZW

    Folding Prop

    I'm looking into a folding prop to replace the fixed three-blade 15x9 currently on the boat. Engine is a Universal M25 XPB (25 hp), Hurth ZF 5M transmission with 2.05 and 1.86 gear ratios. I was surprised that Flex-0-Fold recommendation was their two-blade 15x11 prop. Are any of you folks...
  13. KZW

    Furling Mast Water Ingress

    I've owned my boat for three years. In that time I've tracked down and fixed several leaks: - Replaced a port light - Rebedded another port light - New gasket on yet another port light - Replaced the gasket on a hatch lens However, one leak has vexed me for some time, with water...
  14. KZW

    How Much Heel?

    The listed waterline length for a C-310 is 26.5 ft. A look at the hull shape indicates that with moderate heel, say 10 to 15 degrees, the waterline length will increase about six inches (no, I've not measured it). Questions: 1. In moderately light air, say 8 - 10 knots, is it faster to sail...
  15. KZW

    C310 Steering Cable Lubrication

    I know this was discussed in the C-310 forum, but I cannot find it. How often should the steering chain in the pedestal and the steering cables be lubricated? With what should they be lubricated?
  16. KZW

    Port Light Trim Ring Removal

    How does one remove the aluminum trim rings from the port lights without damaging them (or the gel coat)?
  17. KZW

    Replace ST4000 Mk2 AutoPilot Belt

    A month ago, my Raymarine ST4000 autopilot stopped auto piloting. It was obvious the belt was the problem as bits of yellow belt teeth were falling out. Although I'm the 3rd owner, I'm sure it was the original belt, 16 years old. Picture 1 shows the wheel mounted autopilot ring. You can see a...
  18. KZW

    WC Headmate to Raritan

    There have been several posts of swapping out the WC Headmate for a Raritan. This is how I did it. The WCHM has been out of production for years and rebuild kits are difficult to find. The seals started leaking on mine. Most annoying was the seal on the pump rod - push down the pump handle and...
  19. KZW

    Lubrication for Outhaul Track

    For those 310 owners with Charleston Spar in mast furling: Do you lubricate the outhaul track on the boom? If so, with what? My furler rotates reasonably well, but the car on the boom track seems to have a good bit of friction.
  20. KZW

    Stainless - Getting Rid of Rust

    I have some small spots off rust on the spokes of my wheel, and a couple of places on stanchions. What do you folks use to clean the rust away and keep it away?