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    79 l25 stern mast crutch

    Working on a new stern mast crutch idea and cut a template this afternoon. I also plan on stepping the mast from the stern to see if it raises easier.
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    79 l25 stepping the mast

    Good evening all. I'm looking into a better / safer way of stepping the mast and have looked at many sites and youtube videos. All of the trailer sailboats I've seen steps the mast from the stern, pulling the mast up towards the bow. Does anyone know why Lancer steps the mast from the bow...
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    79 l25 berth idea

    I'm working on a concept to change the forward berth as the Commodore doesn't like the existing "double" berth. The idea is to permanently secure the existing sliding panel then hinge a second panel, which would pivot to the starboard berth and be held by a couple of cleats. This would make...
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    79 l25 rudder service

    I pulled the rudder yesterday for the first time, which came out easy along with a couple of shims that looked like they were made from plastic milk jugs. There was about a tablespoon of very black water that I poured out of the 1 5/8" od ss rudder tube and this slides inside a 1 ¾" id PVC pipe...
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    79 L25 Bow Sprit Anchor Roller Combination

    Good evening all. With the anchor locker lid being so close to the bow has anyone thought about/engineered/installed a combination bow sprit / anchor roller? A sprit about 24" -36" might give me room for an anchor and also install a stem head fitting for a downwind sail? Thoughts? Steve
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    79 L25 Mast: Spreader Corrosion

    Good evening all. Had problems removing the bolt that held my lower shroud chain plates at the spreader mounts. I ended up removing the spreader mounts, by drilling out rivets then cutting the bolt with a cut-off wheel. I was able to move the bushing/bolt combination parallel to the mast and it...
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    79 L25 Deck Hardware & Chainplate Corrosion

    Good afternoon all. I exposed one of the stanchion aluminum backing plates yesterday and discovered that it was severely corroded. Accessing the backing plate required removing the shelf, which requires cutting the associated fiberglass tabbing. A Milwaukee 12V Cordless M12 Multi-Tool will cut...
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    79 L25

    Next locker, the hanging locker forward of the head. Removed the pump and associated hoses, then sanded and cut a couple of cardboard templates for shelves. Thoughts? After sanding I noticed a fiberglass repair that a previous owner made on the inside of the anchor locker bulkhead directly...
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    79 L25 Head Locker: Adding Shelves

    Good evening all. Recently Beckson Marine... ...had ports on sale for $3.00 each. IDEA...add a shelf to the two head lockers, which are pretty useless. Each shelf will give me 8" of clearance and usable space accessible either through the door or a...
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    79 L25 Rot in Anchor Locker

    Good evening all. It's been a very long time since posting. While scraping the anchor locker I discovered yesterday that I had some dry rot in the anchor locker bulkhead. I started probing yesterday and today used my router to remove the "cancer." After the bit loosened and plunged through the...
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    79 L25 U-Bolt

    Good evening all. I cut a hole into the space below my anchor locker looking for water intrusion. What I found was Lancer had sealed the space with what looks to be a high density foam that was very hard in some places. I spent three days drilling, chiseling, and using acetone to remove the...
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    Arco 6 Winch Maintenance

    Good evening all. I removed, cleaned, lubricated, and reinstalled my winches this past week before discovering this link. It's a good thing that I removed them as there was no sealant on any of the eight FHMSs. Also, the old grease had...
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    1979 L25 Battery Hold Down

    Good afternoon all. The last couple of weeks I've come up with two solutions for securing the battery, both of which used a bar across the top of the battery. The first used two SS screws through a pocket hole and because of the tight space I kept stripping the screw heads. The second method...
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    Locker Latch

    Good morning all. One of things the "experts" say is you need a way of securing your locker lids to keep the contents from falling out during a knock down. I've looked through my books and the Good Old Boat indexes to no avail. I've thought about installing a cleat along the lid's long edge and...
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    1979 L25 Hand Holds

    Good evening all. I've had "add additional hand holds" on my to do list for awhile and decided to replace my "nautical" hand holds with commercial shower SS hand holds. I added two 42" hand holds on deck and one 42" and one 18" in the cabin. The 42" cabin hand hold uses the same holes as the...
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    1979 L25 Cockpit Drains

    Good afternoon all. Replacing the cockpit drains and associated thru-hull fittings has been on my to do list for some time. I''ll be on business travel in a couple of weeks and can stop by West Marine and pick up my replacement parts on my way home so I removed the starboard side this afternoon...
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    Bright Work

    Good afternoon all. Great weekend to get the bright work done. As you can see, the kitchen with it's overhead lighting and warm temperature, makes a great place for varnishing. Wife is a little upset with the smell:naughty:. Oh well it won't be the last time. Have a great holiday weekend...
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    Good Old Boat: L25 Review

    Good morning all. After reading the article, which is the first review I'd seen written about the L25, I submitted the following for their Mail bouy section. Steve --------- Thank you Gregg Nestor and GOB for reviewing the Lancer 25 in the January/February 2011 edition. I was introduced...
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    L-25 Lazarette

    Good morning all. Thinking about sealing the lazarette and moving the outboard to a mount, probably on the port side. This would give me a dry location, separate from the cabin for storing life jackets, boat hook, fenders, fuel, etc. Does anyone see a downside to this idea or have suggestions...
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    1979 L25 Interior

    Good morning all. Here's a summary of what's taken place over the past three months. Removed head- and hull-liner material Removed portlights and deadlights with new portlights Sanded, primed, and painted interior Epoxied horizontal rails with 1/4" x 20 T-nuts on 6" centers...