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    79 l25 rudder service

    Just set up a new email account.
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    79 l25 rudder service

    Hi Don, I've been off the site for awhile, but would be glad to help.
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    79 l25 stern mast crutch

    From template to working model this afternoon. To clear the coach roof I'll need to raise the rubber roller, which is at the mast balance point. Another requirement is keeping the spreaders forward of the mast crutch. Sorting out my engineering is why I make working models from inexpensive...
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    79 l25 stern mast crutch

    Working on a new stern mast crutch idea and cut a template this afternoon. I also plan on stepping the mast from the stern to see if it raises easier.
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    79 l25 stepping the mast

    Good evening all. I'm looking into a better / safer way of stepping the mast and have looked at many sites and youtube videos. All of the trailer sailboats I've seen steps the mast from the stern, pulling the mast up towards the bow. Does anyone know why Lancer steps the mast from the bow...
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    79 l25 rudder service

    Thanks Bob for the suggestion. I'll let you know how it goes. Stev
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    79 l25 berth idea

    I'm working on a concept to change the forward berth as the Commodore doesn't like the existing "double" berth. The idea is to permanently secure the existing sliding panel then hinge a second panel, which would pivot to the starboard berth and be held by a couple of cleats. This would make...
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    79 l25 rudder service

    I pulled the rudder yesterday for the first time, which came out easy along with a couple of shims that looked like they were made from plastic milk jugs. There was about a tablespoon of very black water that I poured out of the 1 5/8" od ss rudder tube and this slides inside a 1 ¾" id PVC pipe...
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    L25 Rigging Question

    Good eventing ghoppeh5. I have a 79 L25, which isn't a fractional rig. Check your sail inventory for a storm sail, which would use the inner forestay and keep the CE further aft. If this is the case you could remove the inner forestay for sailing with the jib and genoa. Is there a "quick...
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    almost new owner

    Good morning oceanwatersailor. I have a 79 L25 with 36" draft and I use the boom as a gin pole pulling the mast up from the bow using a preventer with a long line attached to the stern and the main halyard also attached to the boom. Because I don't have babystays installed the mast can and does...
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    79 L25 Mast: Spreader Corrosion

    Good evening all. I bought 5/8" carbon fiber rod and cut two pieces to 3.5" in length for the upper and lower shrouds. I have a friend who cut shoulders and drilled a hole to accept the 3/8" shoulder bolts. For the upper I made a small screw jack to expand the inside mast diameter and allow the...
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    79 L25 Bow Sprit Anchor Roller Combination

    Good evening all. With the anchor locker lid being so close to the bow has anyone thought about/engineered/installed a combination bow sprit / anchor roller? A sprit about 24" -36" might give me room for an anchor and also install a stem head fitting for a downwind sail? Thoughts? Steve
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    Shaft Length for Outboard on 1985 25 PS

    Good evening Jim. Spent six days sailing in San Diego for New Years and had outboard issues…the impeller came apart and there was salt buildup in the cooling lines. Took it to the Dingy Doctor [ ] about 1530 Thursday afternoon and picked it up at 0930 Saturday...
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    79 L25 Mast: Spreader Corrosion

    Good evening all. Had problems removing the bolt that held my lower shroud chain plates at the spreader mounts. I ended up removing the spreader mounts, by drilling out rivets then cutting the bolt with a cut-off wheel. I was able to move the bushing/bolt combination parallel to the mast and it...
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    Painting Interior

    Yes. I used the oil-based primer as well, which I also got at Home Depot
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    Painting Interior

    The paint is doing fine. Remember that boats on trailers don't get the same abuse as those spending their lives on the water.
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    Water in Cabin

    I cut my hole at the top and used a clear port so I can shine a light into the space and see what's going on.
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    Water in Cabin

    I have a 79 L25 and cut a 6" port hole into the "step" just forward of the compression post. I found a small amount of water in this void and have since primed and painted this space and intend to use it for wine and food storage.
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    1979 Lancer 28 ----Mounting Disc Antenna on Mast

    The current Good Old Boat issue 90 (May/June) on page 56-57 has a mast raising solution.
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    79 L25 Deck Hardware & Chainplate Corrosion

    Good afternoon all. I exposed one of the stanchion aluminum backing plates yesterday and discovered that it was severely corroded. Accessing the backing plate required removing the shelf, which requires cutting the associated fiberglass tabbing. A Milwaukee 12V Cordless M12 Multi-Tool will cut...