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  1. IDtrucks

    Mast Raising on a Capri 25

    Hey all, Im looking at a capri 25 for sale in my area. One of my biggest concerns is the ease of raising the mast. At my local sailing area there is no crane, and at the moment no way to store the boat at the lake with the mast up. So im forced to rig it when i go sail it. With my current...
  2. IDtrucks

    The most insane altercation i've ever had with a guest on board

    This last weekend was one for the record books, as i had the most unbelievable insane altercation with a guest on board, that was one of my friends. Sorry for the long tale. Lead up to this, i had been telling this dude id take him sailing for about a year, multiple time he told me how great he...
  3. IDtrucks

    Hunter 22 Build: LIL' Nellie

    With my 2 month marathon of spring repairs coming to an end I am slowly getting it compiled into a build thread for others to reference, and for public ridicule of my own repair methods ha! Back story: I moved to Jackson after a summer of working on Tall Ship schooners in the Keys (and a trip...
  4. IDtrucks

    Well that escalated quickly...H22 anchor locker repair

    Originally I was going to just cut out the old failed caulking in my anchor locker, and re seal it to keep water out of the v birth. However my mood changed to slight frustration when I depressed the wood and water oozed up from the seams. I cant, after going through all the rest of the work on...
  5. IDtrucks

    WTH is this thing in my bilge

    this thing was horribly caulked down the inside of the hull in the starboard bilge next to/aft of the sink in my 81 Hunter 22. Not plugged Into anything, no through hulls or hoses for other markings or labels
  6. IDtrucks

    81 H22 swing keel bushing

    hey all. I have my keel out, and after reading the posts on here and looking at the pictures I’m starting to chip away and take out the worn nylon bushing. Even after exposing the bushing it’s really stuck in there (almost looks like it’s glassed all the way around?)and I’m pretty confused on...