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    Outboard in transom cutout

    I had a 1996 Johnson 9.9 on mine. 2-stroke, and I don't think it was labeled Sailmaster. The top of the motor just BARELY scraped the top of the cutout when you tilted it up but it was not a problem. I believe that there may also be Johnson 15s that are the same motor with a different carb...
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    Wood rotting in cabin of 1978 Catalina 27'

    Sounds like you may have already taken care of the common problems. If so I'd seriously consider keeping this boat rather than starting on a new set of issues on a "new" old boat. Have your thru-hulls been replaced with proper ball valves? standing rigging pretty much OK? Is the electrical...
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    shore power and 12 volt electronics

    If you don't have a manual for your charger download one. Most likely it has a trickle charge mode that will automatically keep your battery topped up. Lots of us do exactly what you are talking about (leave the boat on charge 24/7). I do it partly for the reason you cite (the idea of a leak...
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    Spinnaker lines go where

    I'd put a block on the front of the masthead truck. Should be a pin there for it like in the diagram previously posted. That way the spinnaker is outside of everything and above the forestay like it should be. When I did mine, I also found that I needed a cheek block on the side of the mast...
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    Spinnaker lines go where

    Where does your jib halyard leave the mast? Is it above the forestay? I suspect you are swapping the jib and spinnaker halyards.
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    Are there backing plates or patterns for sale?

    Those angle plates look like the ones that Catalina Direct sells with their upgrade kit.
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    New SS spreader retrofit kit

    I was at the boat yesterday & took a look. One of mine is slightly tilted (I don't think it's as much as yours, but I was looking up at the mast from the deck), and the other appears to be pretty much vertical. Like I said, I don't recall the parts looking asymmmetric when I get them from CD...
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    New SS spreader retrofit kit

    I did mine a few months ago and don't remember them being asymmetrical. If the are, I suppose there's a 50/50 chance I got it right? I had CD send me a copy of the instructions. PM me and i'll forward to you. BTW, getting the old compression tube out of the mast is the hard part.
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    1977 Cat 27 deck/hull joint

    How can you rebed the windows without pulling the glass? Seems like it would be very hard to get a seal. I agree on the butyl tape. I'm becoming a big fan of it for caulking in general.
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    1977 Cat 27 deck/hull joint

    Thanks for the suggestion. I had not considered the ugly possibility of the windows leaking.
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    1977 Cat 27 deck/hull joint

    Stu- thanks for your response. There is certainly plywood coring in most of the deck, however, from the pictures on the Catalina site it appears that the part of the deck right at the edge (where the genoa track is located) is solid glass. Just trying to confirm whether this reflects reality.
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    1977 Cat 27 deck/hull joint

    Hi all- I have a very small leak (right about midships if that matters) that looks to be coming through above the hull/deck joint. I suspect that the rail for the genoa cars needs to be re-bedded. The question is whether or not there is any plywood coring in this area or is it all glass...
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    You didn't say what make your winches are. If they are the Barlow 16s like ours, I would say an upgrade would be nice. The smaller persons on board have trouble handling the genoa upwind & could use more power.