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    Engine mounts

    Anyone have any thoughts on replacing motor mounts ??? I have a Yanmar 30GM in a cat 320 . Yanmar mounts are going for about 250 a piece ..ouch... Anyone heard of Dual-Flex mounts and have any feed back on them Thanks
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    Shaft alignment

    Hi all Had my 320 out of the water did the bottom, replaced the shaft and the cutlas . My question is about the shaft and engine alignment. How perfect does it have to be? The info I have says .003 all around the flange . And that up and down is the most important, which leads me to believe...
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    Changed oil and engine won't start???

    Okay what happened? Started engine after sitting for a couple of months with no problem. Shut it down and changed the oil. Then hit the starter and nothing!!!. All looks normal ,power to gauges when the key is turned on, just nothing when I hit the start button ??? It's a Yanmar 3GM30 in a /96...
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    A Good Idea or Not?

    Happy New year! I'm replacing the original brass shaft in my Catalina 320. Just wondering what your thoughts are on a PPS drip less seal???? I've talked to a few boat yards and have some conflicting reports. Help me make up my mind !!!! Thanks