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  1. Sunbird22358

    New O’Day 20 owner with no sailing experience and a project boat I didn’t need

    The "KEEL" does not go up and down on this boat it is fixed in place (or should be as it is molded as part of the hull and contains all the ballast, 400#). The CENTERBOARD is hosed inside the keel and raises and lowers using a line that should exit the top of the CB trunk thru a tube linked to a...
  2. Sunbird22358

    Identify this boat

    Well, I thought this was a PEARSON ELECTRA, the cruising version of the more well known PEARSON ENSIGN. However after looking more closely at the posted pictures, That is not what it is, Sorry! I am pretty sure this is not an Alberg Design either, looks sort-of 1960s British or European in...
  3. Sunbird22358

    O'Day Widgeon manual

    Private message sent with ordering instructions. THANKS!
  4. Sunbird22358

    O'Day 19 Drains and Windows

    Yes, Rudy sometimes errs on the plus side! But, better 5' too long, then 5" too short! <GRIN!>
  5. Sunbird22358

    Please explain self bailing for me

    That Self-Bailer is the older "DePersia" Brand unit, also used on that vintage DS II. Newer boats have a plastic version that is basically the same as the one used on the SUNFISH. The drainplug in the transom is used to drain any bilgewater after boat is hauled out and MUST be plugged while boat...
  6. Sunbird22358

    O'Day Widgeon manual

    Private Message with ordering instructions sent, THANK YOU!
  7. Sunbird22358

    1962 Rhodes 19 - does it float?

    It should! The seats do hold air, but are also partly filled with foam, which may be a bit waterlogged after all these years.
  8. Sunbird22358

    O'Day IC

    Check out eBay, This past Winter a seller in Pennsylvania had a couple of IC sails listed, old but still usable, price was in the $30 range! They may have sold, but worth keeping an eye out there! I bought a sail for a MIT TECH Dinghy off him, as I say, old, but good enough to let me try out the...
  9. Sunbird22358

    Standing Rigging

    As always, D&R Marine is a good source, Rudy Nickerson, who runs D&R used to be the Parts Dept. Manager at O'DAY from 1973-89 and now sells replacement parts for our old O'DAY Sailboats. If you order from D&R it is often best to give him a call (508) 644-3001 to confirm the...
  10. Sunbird22358

    New to O'day 20, this drain near center of boat by cabin entry, been told it is rain drain. does it need to be plugged?

    The cockpit drains at the forward end of the cockpit are used on several boats that I am familiar with, O'DAY Marine, Cape Dory Typhoon, Northstar 500 (25' racer-cruiser), Sea Sprite 23, most of these boats have hull shapes that lead to the cockpit footwell being deeper forward than aft, so...
  11. Sunbird22358

    ISO Jib for O'day 19

    From experience with both styles of furler, I would look into a Cruising Design Flexible Furler instead of those wire-luff furlers, much better sail set! However, if you already have the wire-luff furler, using it will be the lower cost option. (But, still worth considering the upgrade to a CDI...
  12. Sunbird22358

    New to O'day 20, this drain near center of boat by cabin entry, been told it is rain drain. does it need to be plugged?

    The fitting on the threshold for the companionway is the original centerboard pendant tube, boat is rigged stock setup. The fitting on the cockpit sole id the original cockpit scupper and should not be plugged ad that will prevent water from draining. Here is a picture of the setup on another...
  13. Sunbird22358

    O'Day Widgeon manual

    E-Mail sent with ordering instructions. Thanks! Rod Johnson, "SUNBIRD"
  14. Sunbird22358

    First Weekend as a Widgeon Owner

    Hard to be sure from picture, but it looks like you have the Main sheet rigged about right, jib sheets do go INSIDE the shrouds, not outside, common mistake.
  15. Sunbird22358

    Widgeon - rotted transom - suggestions on how to cut the stern bench (or not) to replace the full wooden transom

    I'm not sure that I properly explained my idea of cutting a small part of the deck off to gain access, I'll scan some pictures of what I did on my powerboat for reference. That will allow (or should allow) replacing the transom core without disturbing the seat. I am preparing to do this same...
  16. Sunbird22358

    Widgeon - rotted transom - suggestions on how to cut the stern bench (or not) to replace the full wooden transom

    I was fortunate that the transom was still solid on my old Widgeon, I agree that cutting out the entire aft seat is going to be a chore to glass back in. I replaced the core of the transom of a 14' powerboat that I restored by cutting off the deck about 18" forward of the stern, then glassed...
  17. Sunbird22358

    Widgeon - another replacement question - buoyancy foam replacement

    That foam under the gunwales is to keep the boat level if swamped to ease bailing and recovery from a capsize. On my old 1969 Model is was luckily, still intact and in place, just tended to shed dried up mud after she partly swamped during Hurricane Bob in 1991, unstepped mast and put extra line...
  18. Sunbird22358

    Daysailer III, centerboard lines stuck

    Yes, the actual CB trunk is part of the hull, and the part you see in the cockpit is part of the deck mold, again, not sure about on your DS III, but on my DS II there is a slight gap between the two (may or may not be some thickened resin slurry/putty that fills the gap on some boats. When you...
  19. Sunbird22358

    putting an O'Day 22 on a trailer setup for a Catalina 22?

    I was going to say that this depends on the model year of the 22, 1972-78 had the shallow fin-keel, 1979-83 had a K/CB which had a much shallower keel. But then I noticed your screen name and knew we were talking about that 1975/76 22! I would thin that with minor adjustments if possible, the...
  20. Sunbird22358

    Daysailer III, centerboard lines stuck

    That is pretty close to where I located the hole on my CB trunk, one VERY important tip!! Provide a way to close that hole when you are not using it to push the CB down, since, at least on my DS II, the top of the actual CB trunk is a little below the underside of the molded cap that is part of...