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  1. The Garbone

    Replacing Exhaust Hose on a 1980 30

    Is that behind the icebox under the counter? My only thought would be to get a piece of schedule 40 a hair larger than the hose and use it as a bore to cut through the foam. problem being would be to get it at the correct angle.
  2. The Garbone

    Replacing Exhaust Hose on a 1980 30

    Not that I can think of. You may want to just remove the corner countertop over the cooler if it all gets to be too much from underneath. A lot of work either way.
  3. The Garbone

    Replacing Exhaust Hose on a 1980 30

    no loop in mine. Getting around the cooler was a bear, I ran a string and laced it around the end of the hose. Did not have the foam,. probably a gift of a previous owner.
  4. The Garbone

    Replacing Exhaust Hose on a 1980 30

    Well I ordered 25' when I did mine. still have 3 or 4 feet scrap in the garage. I would run the check valve to motor first and if you come up short it will be the shorter run you will have to order.
  5. The Garbone

    Fishing in Maine.

    Having grown up on the Maine coast it is sad to hear about the bait fish situation. I remember going out on a friends boat jigging for mackerel to make chum. Fishery management is very important. I think the scrapping up the scraps may be not because of a shortage but good planning, who...
  6. The Garbone

    1977 cal 30 Wheel Conversion

    Love the our 78' tiller, no way would I recommend putting in a wheel on a 77'. Have to drop the rudder, cut the tube, put a hole in the cockpit floor, buy pedestal, rig the thing up. Oh no. Auto pilots cost twice as much, less room in the cockpit, did I mention more holes in the boat. I...
  7. The Garbone

    Bulkhead replacement.

    Yup, Marine Ply would do the trick.
  8. The Garbone

    Mast wiring question.

    On my 78 it goes up into the liner aft of the galley, travels forward to the mast in the overhead to the step. I replaced everything as they did not used tinned wire in the old builds. I drilled a hole in the compression post and ran a conduit to the gear locker drawers then ran the new wire...
  9. The Garbone

    Fuel tank replacement

    I replaced my tank with one I ordered from Catalina Yachts (they sent the original specs to their supplier for my hull). It had two tabs on each side that had 2 screws each holding it to the plywood board that was tabbed to the hull. If you have tabbing on the metal tank my guess is a...
  10. The Garbone

    Prospective 27 owner with many stupid questions

    On my C27 and now my C30 I keep a 50 watt solar panel that runs below to a charge controller. Keep it tied to the cabin top when we are away. When we use the boat we untie it (par cord so it does not blow overboard in a squall) and toss it below. Our C27 had an outboard that did not charge...
  11. The Garbone

    Zincs for a Catalina 30

    Our 78' only has the one on the shaft.
  12. The Garbone

    Donations to Neptune:

    My dogs, good thing they can swim. An entire grill full of Italian sausage. Baby rattle. And if the government ever comes calling, every firearm I have ever owned.. That will teach me to target practice 20 miles out.....
  13. The Garbone

    How to transport extra fuel?

    I use the shake siphon but also replaced all my jerry can spouts with old school spouts that can still be bought on Amazon.
  14. The Garbone

    How to transport extra fuel?

    I vote for the lumber on the rails. When in port they can double as fender boards. Nice to have.
  15. The Garbone

    is there a kit to enclose the through hole transom on 1978 27' Cat?

    Ehhh, You can get a sawzall or jig saw and cut the top of the outboard well so it will fit a newer 4 stroke. A 1/4 piece of starboard cut to go over the opening and bolted in place would work. You could make additional shelves in the middle and leave the factory scupper at the bottom to...
  16. The Garbone

    Dickinson Newport Diesel chimney placement on Catalina 30?

    Our boat came with a Force 10 in the same location as you mention, the 1.5" pipe for a chimney does a slight jog outboard and penetrates the cabin top inside the hand rail. Here is and old photo....
  17. The Garbone

    Upgrading cabinet lockers?

    There should be a notch on the bottom behind the face. When closed the drawer sits in this notch and will not slide without lifting them. Do yours not have said notch? If not a nice wood chisel will do the trick.
  18. The Garbone

    Box above my electrical panel

    Our boat has a teak box on the Port side for the stereo. Problem with it was that it was made back in the "day" and would only accept stereos with a tuning and volume knob. We had to buy a small jig saw and hand cut the face to accept the above pictured new style sleeve for a modern radio...
  19. The Garbone

    time to re-paint non skid deck and cockpit

    We used Kiwi Grip.
  20. The Garbone

    Need help deciding on batteries

    Get a decent solar panel and charge controller. We purchased our current boat 4 years ago and the batteries were low so I installed said items and we are still running the same hodge podge 200ah+ group of cells that she came with after 4 years. Expect them to die at any time but there seem...